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Big things are happening, FLY Fam! With the exciting launch of FLY Anywhere, we can’t stop—and won’t stop—taking things to the next level. We’ve renamed FLY 45—the class you already know and love—to Method, which you’ll see on the schedule starting next Sunday, 11/26. And gear up for Power, a challenging ride featuring longer races, steeper hills, and less recovery—coming soon to select studios. Keep an eye out on the schedule and go crush IT


Our annual Torqy Burn rides are back, so hit the saddle for a 60 (or 90)-minute Thanksgiving weekend sweat!Book a bike for Camila’s Ride in Santa Monica on Thursday or David’s Ride on Friday in Playa Vista. Want an even bigger challenge? Barre so hard with Thankful Thighs (45 minutes) and Grateful Glutes (60 minutes). Reserve now and feast, FLY, repeat. (Note: 90-minute classes require 2 credits to book. Members must purchase one additional credit.)

WEST HOLLYWOOD | Brandon’s Grateful Glutes 60 | Wed 11/22 | 8:30aBOOK NOW!
WEST HOLLYWOOD | Liz’s Grateful Glutes 60 | Thurs 11/23 | 9:30aBOOK NOW!

SANTA MONICA | Camila’s Torqy Burn Fly 60 | Thurs 11/23 | 10:30a | BOOK NOW!
PLAYA VISTA | Katy’s Torqy Burn Fly 60 | Thurs 11/23 | 10:30a | BOOK NOW!
WEST HOLLYWOOD | Brandon’s Thankful Thighs 45 | Fri 11/24 | 9:30a BOOK NOW
SANTA MONICA | Katy’s Torqy Burn Fly 60 | Fri 11/24 | 10:30a BOOK NOW!
PLAYA VISTA David’s Torqy Burn 90min Ride | Fri 11/24 | 11:30a | BOOK NOW!
WEST HOLLYWOOD | Phil’s Torqy Burn Fly 60 | Fri 11/24 | 12p | BOOK NOW!
LARCHMONT | Elizabeth & Traci’s Torqy Burn Dual Fly 60 | Sat 11/25 | 10:45aBOOK NOW!
WEST HOLLYWOOD | Ana’s Thankful Thighs 45 | Sun 11/26 | 9:30a BOOK NOW!
It’s a Take One, Get One deal with Elizabeth and Meg’s back-to-back rides on Sunday, 11/26. 
Take Meghan’s 9:30am and get her 11/27 FLY60 class on us. For the later risers, opt for Elizabeth’s 10:30am and score her WAY BACK WEDNESDAY ride on 11/29 on the houseDouble the sweat with zero regret. BOOK NOW!
WEST HOLLYWOOD | Meghan’s Fly 45 | Sun 11/26 | 9:30a | BOOK NOW!
WEST HOLLYWOOD | Elizabeth’s Fly 45 | Sun 11/26 | 10:30a | BOOK NOW!

’Tis the season to crush your goals and hold those planks even longer. 
Our NEW FlyBarre instructors are here to give their simple and effective tips to stay fit through the holidays. 
After attending from Penn State University, Patrice worked as an account supervisor in advertising and a yoga instructor.  She then decided to take her love for fitness full time.  Expect an upbeat playlist with great top 40 remixes, high energy hip-hop, and super fun throwbacks.  She loves to cook, work out, ski, and spend quality time with friends.  Patrice is always planning for a new fun adventure.
“I love getting a workout in first thing Thanksgiving morning, not only to beat the bloat for later, but to start the day with some endorphins and a sense of accomplishment. The holidays can be stressful, especially if you’re the host, so it’s important to feel your best and have a clear head going in!”
Originally from London, England, For 25 years, Lisa has been a professional actress, singer, and dancer.  She also teaches Theatre Dance at The Joffrey Ballet School in NY, Miami and LA.  Look forward to having fun and reaching personal goals. You’ll feel energized and challenged in the barre room – it’s a win-win!  When not at FlyBarre, Lisa can be found running around the city auditioning or taking a dance, voice, or acting class.
“Consistency as much as possible. Don’t let the holidays mess with your exercise routine, even if you have to mix it up a bit. If you’re a pulser try riding. If you’re a rider try pulsing!  Enjoy good food but don’t use the holidays to over eat.”
Looking for an epic full-body sculpting workout to complement your rides?
Join us for FlyBarre in West Hollywood
See you on a mat!


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