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Weekly Updates and Theme Rides: Flywheel Southern California

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Most resolutioners have thrown in the towel.
You’re just getting fired up.

Mark your calendars: the second round of the F*Resolutions Challenge kicks off 2/5! With 5 classes per week, an exclusive nutrition plan, at-home workouts, support from instructor coaches and new ways to track progress, the time is now to make the commitment.

A supercharged barre-versary your
muscles won’t want to miss.

From millions of pulses to countless planks held, we’ve been feeling that FlyBarre burn for 7 years! To celebrate this milestone, we’re hosting special Core 50 classes to blast your abs (with a touch of glute-toning, too) AND welcoming back Dynamic Arms. Check out the WeHo FlyBarre schedule here.

Who doesn’t love free classes?
Take Brandon Anthony’s Monday 5pm class at Larchmont and get his Wednesday 5pm class on us! And at West Hollywood, take Camila’s Tuesday or Thursday 7:15am class over the next two weeks and get her 8:15am Saturday class free!
Brandon Anthony | Larchmont | Monday, 1/22 | 5pm | Book NOW!
Camila Ramon | West Hollywood | Tuesday, 1/23 | 7:15am | Book NOW!
Camila Ramon | West Hollywood | Thursday, 1/25 | 7:15am | Book NOW!


Taking part in the Challenge? You get 20% off Territory Food orders for the duration of the Challenge! Check your email for details.

Never tried Territory Foods? You’re in luck! We have a few chances for you to get a post-ride meal for free!

Rise and ride for Meghan’s 6:15am class on 1/30 at Larchmont, then stick around afterwards for a Food Fairy serving breakfast treats from Territory Foods!

On Wednesday 1/31, a Food Fairy will be at Santa Monica ALL DAY, so come sweat it out before grabbing a free meal after class.



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