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Weekly Theme Classes: Flywheel DC

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POWER into 2018

Challenge yourself to F*Limits with our new POWER ride format. Imagine a the classic Method ride dialed up to 11, with longer races, steeper hills, and less recovery time between intervals. Check out a class this week!

F* Resolutions 2.0

Mark your calendars: the second round of our F* Resolutions challenge kicks off on Monday, February 5th! With 5 classes per week, nutrition plans, at home workouts and support from local in studio instructors, the time is now to make the commitment and be a better you!

F*Resolutions Workshops and Events

Throughout the 2018 F*Resolutions challenge, we are unveiling events and workshops to assist everyone in their 2018 fitness resolutions. If you are interested in taking part in any of the below events, feel free to RSVP here!

Dupont | Halfway-60 Ride w/Laura + Ab workout with Carrie in the Lobby| Sat. 2.03 |12.30PM

CCDC | Ride w/Monica + Happy Hour| Fri. 2.09 |4.45PM

Fly into 2018 with these Awesome Promotions

Fly Anywhere Starter Pack January Promotion

Awesome classes. All-star instructors. Our high-tech bike. It’s the perfect time to ride at home. Order FLY Anywhere now through 1/31 and get a Starter Pack +complimentary in-studio classes. Get started here.

Refer  A Friend is Back!

Between now and February 28th every friend that is completely new to flywheel (never taken wheel or barre) is able to register for free using the code CRUSH2018 at checkout after creating an account. If your referral spends 50$+ on their account, you will receive 50$ flycash to your account.

Themes with our Teams

Dupont| Steph’s Ed Sheeran Ride | Thurs. 2.1 |7.30PM

Dupont| Annie’s Justin Timberlake Ride | Sun. 2.4|3.00PM

CCDC| Christine’s 90s Alt-Rock Ride | Wed. 2.7|7.45PM

Dupont| Zach’s Birthday Ride | Fri. 2.9|5:30PM

Super Bowl Sunday Rides

 Dupont | Tulani’s Method 60 | Sun. 2.4 |11.30AM

Dupont | Destinee’s Flybarre 60 | Sun. 2.4 |11.45AM

Dupont | Annie’s Justin Timberlake 45 | Sun. 2.4 |3.00PM

CCDC | Caity’s Flybarre 60 | Sun. 2.4 |5.00PM

CCDC | Emma’s Method 60 | Sun. 2.4 |5.30PM

Welcome Back Maggie!

We are excited to welcome back Barre instructor Maggie Bode. Maggie hails from Raleigh North Carolina, but most recently spent time with the FlyTeam in Boston. Come try her out FOR FREE on either Wednesday, January 31st at 9.30AM (Dupont) or Friday, February 2nd at 4PM (CCDC). Both classes will require customers to spend a credit, that will be reimbursed within 24 hours.

January Instructor Spotlight

Break out of your shell and try a new instructor! Each month we’ll be featuring two of our badass instructors on our local Facebook page where you can learn more about their coaching style and daily lives. For the month of January we are excited to feature Laura and Marisa as our instructors of the month. Follow us on Facebook for fun facts about the instructor of the month, chances to win prizes and RSVP for fun events their hosting in-studio.

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