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Weekly Theme Classes: Flywheel Boston

By January 28, 2018 No Comments

SUPER BOWL TIME. Gear up for game day in OUR stadium. We’re hosting special classes—featuring songs from past and current halftime performers—on 2/4. For the following classes you take, you’ll earn a spot in our box pool and the chance to win $100 in FLY Cash! We’ll pick one lucky winner in each studio by 2/6.

  • Super Bowl METHOD 60 Ride w. Kurt | Friday 2.2 | 9:30AM | Book a Bike!
  • Super Bowl FlyBarre 60 Pulse w. Kaylee | Friday 2.2 | 6:00PM | Book a Mat!


LOCAL THEMES. Let’s bring it home, Boston!

  • Tailgate Rides w. LJ | Sunday 2.4 | 4:30PM & 5:30PM | Book a Bike!
  • TB12 Pulse w. Janine | Sunday 2.4 | 11:30AM | Book a Mat!



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