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We Don’t Have To Go Steady…But We Can!

By August 8, 2019 No Comments

Ever wonder what the difference between our membership options are?

You take class all the time, and of course, we love seeing you! But, instead of buying individual credits, you could be saving money and getting extra perks with a membership! As a quick example, our credits in New York are $36 each but by purchasing a 4 class monthly membership, each class actually costs you $29. You save even more with our 8 & 12 class memberships.

Aside from saving money, there are additional perks, each membership type also comes with:
Flexible Reservations: Book your favorite bike before the class even becomes viewable to the public, and should something go wrong, you can also cancel later than everyone else! (8pm the night before your class)
Complimentary Gifts: In-app classes like FlyBarre, FlyFit and FlyRecover and a free credit on your birthday!
Discounts: Get 10% off your favorite in-studio merch, and any extra credits you want to purchase are locked in at your discounted rate!

If 4, 8 or 12 classes a month isn’t enough, an unlimited membership might be the one for you! More classes, bigger discounts and an On-Demand membership on us, it’s perfect for our ride or die FlyFam.

Still wondering which option is best for you? You can take an in-depth look at all of our memberships here.