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Troy Aikman Turns Up the Torq at Flywheel

By September 11, 2014 May 26th, 2017 No Comments

The Flywheel Challenge At The NFL House Hosted By Shannon SharpeRetired quarterback and Super Bowl XXVII MVP Troy Aikman successfully led the Dallas Cowboys to three Super Bowl victories throughout his 12-year career in professional football. These days, the FOX sportscaster is staying fit and active in a different kind of stadium. The West Coast native frequently rides at Flywheel Dallas and has been spotted turning up the torq in many of our studios nationwide, including NYC, Seattle and Charlotte. Aikman even brought out his competitive side when he participated in the annual Flywheel Challenge at the NFL House in New Orleans during Super Bowl XLVII. So, as we head into week two of the NFL season, we asked Troy to dish on his fitness routine, his pre-FLY fuel and his favorite memory from his days on the field.

What do you love most about Flywheel?
I simply LOVE the workout and the sweat!

What other exercises do you incorporate into your routine?
I lift weights four days a week and mix in a couple days of jogging.

What do you eat before or after class?
My staple is banana/oatmeal pancakes.

What are you looking forward to most this football season?
Every season offers unpredictability and excitement. It makes every NFL Sunday special!

What is your favorite memory from your time as a pro?
Obviously the Super Bowls are the highlights, but what I cherish most are the lifelong friendships that came from my years in the NFL.

What keeps you motivated?
Luckily, motivation has never been a problem for me. As Jimmy Johnson used to say, “You’re either getting better or you’re getting worse.” I choose to get better!

Is there a mantra that you live by?
I just strive to be my best each day.

Thank you Troy for taking the time to chat with us! See you on FOX!

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