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Trick or Treat! Instructors Share Their “Vice” & “Nice” Halloween Candy

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Halloween – the only day of the year where it’s completely appropriate to eat an entire bag of Reese’s Pieces, Candy Corn, mini Kit Kats… (or is that just us?). Sure, we all love to indulge from time to time, and our instructors are not shy to admit they do the same—especially on Halloween! But you don’t always have to indulge with guilt. Click the slide show to find out what treats our instructors deem “good” and “evil” and see their Halloween childhood throwback photos. Trick-or-Treat!


My Daily Diet: Protein, protein and more protein! It helps me stay full longer and energized which is especially important when I teach back-to-back classes. If I get hungry in between meals, I normally will grab an apple, Greek yogurt or make myself a protein shake. I make the best chocolate and peanut butter protein shake!

VICE: Candy Corn. There is something about it that I cannot resist. I especially love the pumpkins! They are pure sugar but the only good thing is you cannot have to many of them before you get sick.

NICE: Roasted pumpkin seeds. I love carving a pumpkin and getting the seeds out first and roasting them in the oven with a little olive oil and salt. They taste like popcorn!


My Daily Diet: I typically do eat pretty healthy to support my active lifestyle. I need to be full of energy and motivation to teach my classes, but also be able to fuel my brain so I’m not a dead be at my day job in software sales. I eat a lot of veggies (I really do love kale!), fruit, whole grains, and lean protein. I always make room for a little desert.

VICE: Anything with chocolate, or more specifically, those fun sized 100 Grand bars. However, I will say they aren’t that ‘fun’ if you eat the whole bag!

NICE: If it isn’t the Lifesaver Mints from the front desk at Flywheel Buckhead, I would probably pick Junior Mints. They aren’t as bad as 100 Grand bars…


My Daily Diet: I have been vegetarian for about a year now, and try to make my diet as plant based as possible (minimizing sugar and other processed foods). To fuel my workouts, I eat a lot of nuts, seeds, legumes, and complex carbohydrates (such as oatmeal, black beans, sweet potatoes, etc.). My favorite post-ride snack is a protein shake made out of almond milk, raw chocolate protein (I use Sunwarrior Classic Rice Protein), a handful of berries, and raw peanut butter. It tastes like a peanut butter and jelly milkshake!

VICE: Swedish Fish (or really anything red and gummy). When I was in Paris, France, they had a whole store dedicated to gummies, and I almost went into a sugar coma.

NICE: Frozen Grapes. Try putting a bag of grapes in the freezer for a couple of hours. They taste like little balls of sorbet, and always satisfy my sweet craving.


My Daily Diet:I recently met with our FlyBarre Challenge nutritionist who explained how the body uses food. Since then I stick to simple carbs in the morning, tons of protein rich veggies for lunch and save animal protein or eggs for dinner. Kale (in any shape or form) has become my new go-to superfood and I can eat it with almost anything!

VICE: My food weaknesses, anything chocolate!!! I have to be careful because for me, it’s worse than potato chips (like I just can’t stop eating once I have a taste!).

NICE: On a healthy note, I’ve found that Lara bars (particularly the apple and cherry pie flavors) calm my sweet tooth!


My Daily Diet:Overall I am a very healthy eater; I believe that it is important to give the body what it needs. I try to eat mostly organic foods, and strive to stay away from overly-processed items. I am a foodie at heart though; you can't keep me away from pizza and wings for too long.

VICE: During Halloween I am a sucker for the quintessential candy corn! Something about the sweetness and texture makes it tremendously addicting. My all-time candy faves are Swedish Fish and Sour Patch Kids; I can never get enough of those.

NICE: Organic dark chocolate (Theo's Organic Fair Trade 85% dark is the best!). Dark chocolate is full of antioxidants and benefits your health in many ways.


My Daily Diet: I keep it clean, especially during the typical busy week. I’ll make most of my meals from scratch and have maybe one day a week for a special night out. Balance is key!

VICE: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Or Nutella… It’s got a magical grip!

NICE: Juices with kale, apple, and ginger. I LOVE to spice up a juice with ginger.


My Daily Diet: The diet I follow specifically for teaching helps me because I mostly teach evening classes. In the morning I eat something whole grain with fiber like oatmeal with almond milk. In the afternoon I eat a very carb-rich, hearty lunch like a large helping of pasta which gives me energy. At night I try to eat clean – usually a big organic salad with lots of ingredients mixed with ground turkey. In between meals I snack on CLIFF crunch bars and Pinkberry or Red Mango frozen yogurt!

VICE: Reese’s Peanut Butter cups. I used to go through my trick-or-treat bag and pick out all of the Reese’s and hoard them! They’re just so delightfully awful for you.

NICE: Apple slices dipped in peanut butter. It’s almost like having carmel apples without all the sugar.

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