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The Summer Showdown

By August 2, 2019 August 6th, 2019 No Comments

Written by NYC Flywheel Instructor Sarah Ballan @sarahballan

Hi Fly Fam!

Let’s get ready for Flywheel’s Summer Showdown! The Summer Showdown is an opportunity to Fly with your friends for a chance to win an epic prize. For the entire month of August, each Flywheel studio across the country is encouraging some ‘friendly’ competition.  It’s time to team up and turn up the Torq together!

We love the numbers game, each Flywheel class has a leaderboard, called the TorqBoard, on display and a personal tech pack on each bike, allowing you to track your progress as you ride, giving you your power score. If you enter the Summer Showdown, your power score will be combined with that of your team members for your team’s total score.

Teams can consist of any combination of three riders. Your team for the class must enter the competition prior to the start of class to be considered valid. At the end of the class, the three combined power scores will equal your team’s total score. Planning to take class again tomorrow? Feel free to grab two other friends, each class is a new chance to out power another team.  You can enter the competition as many times as you’d like, so get into the stadium and bring your flyest crew! The team of three lucky winners with the highest total power score for the month of August at each studio location will win $50 of FlyCash, which can be used towards Fly credits, a Fly package, or a Fly membership.

Sign up before class begins by telling the front desk and writing your teammate’s names on the Summer Showdown tracker posted in-studio. Afterward, tally up your team’s total score by combining your individual power scores, and recording it on the tracker (where you can also see where your team stacks up).

Q: How do I pick my team?

A: Your team can be any three riders- as long as it’s three people in total. Everyone is invited! Want to team up with friends? Great! Or, maybe you recognize other riders that frequent Flywheel, and you want to join forces with them? The combinations are infinite… 

Q: Where can my team sign up?

A: Check-in with the front desk prior to class and sign up on the Summer Showdown tracker in-studio. There are no online signups.

Q: Can I team up with someone at another studio if the class is at the same time?

A: No, all team entries must participate in the same class, at the same time, with the same instructor.

Q: Can I be a part of more than one team per class?

A: No, you can only enter your name with one team per class. However, you are more than welcome to switch up your team the next time – even the next class! Double if you dare. 

Q: How many winners are there?

A: The team of three that has the highest total power score for the month of August at each studio location will win! That means there are only going to be three total winners per studio.

Q: Do your teammates need to be on the TorqBoard?

A: If you aren’t thrilled about going on the board, not a problem, your scores are recorded regardless and still count!

In addition to the Summer Showdown, I personally recommend mixing in our off-bike precision training classes, FlyBarre + FlyFit. If you haven’t taken these before, you’re in for a treat!

If you have any questions about the Summer Showdown, please reach out to, or ask your local studio teams for more information.

Look out for me on the schedule at our NYC studios: Flatiron, NoHo, Chelsea, Midtown East, and NoMad! COME SAY HI and win that Fly Cash😊

Let’s stay FLY,

Sarah Ballan