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Ruth blog imageMotivation.

At Flywheel, it’s a word we like to use a lot. To get some intel on what motivated our brand refresh, we sat down with our fearless leader, Flywheel Founder and Creative Director Ruth Zukerman. Ruth tells us about all the exciting changes you can expect, from site to studio and everything in between. Saddle up—it’s going to be one amazing ride.

Q: What inspired the new Flywheel look and feel?

The refresh started with our riders and pulsers. It grew out of what we heard from them, and what we wanted to do for them—which was to bring our brand up to speed with the actual Flywheel experience. We wanted to convey the energy, passion, motivation, and fun that are built into every Flywheel and FlyBarre class. Our new “identity” lets us do this, and we can’t wait to roll it out.

Q. What can people expect from the Flywheel brand refresh?

We’ve evolved a lot of our visual elements. We updated our logo and refined our color palette. And we’ve sharpened our voice, so we’re better capturing our personality. You’ll see all of this and more on our new website, in our updated app, and—soon—in our studios. Most important, we wanted to drive home the fact that Flywheel is a workout that’s built for life. No matter where you’re starting from, where you want to go, or how long you ride or pulse with us (which we hope is for life), Flywheel is for everyone.

Q: Flywheel just celebrated its 6th anniversary. How has the brand evolved since 2010?

We have an amazing heritage—we started out with the goal of being the safest, most technologically advanced, and most fun indoor cycling workout there is. We’ve achieved this and so much more, having grown from one studio in Manhattan to many studios across the country, and even abroad. Since 2010, we’ve developed new classes, launched FlyBarre, updated our in-stadium technology, as well as introduced wellness programs and Challenges. But the most important thing is that we’ve really gotten to know our riders—they’ve become like a family to us.

 Q: Tell us about all the new class offerings…

Our classes will continue to accommodate a wide variety of individual needs and preferences. For example, we recently launched FlyBeats, a rhythm-based ride where you can get completely lost in a musical journey. It’s amazing. We’re now rolling it out nationally. And just last week, we debuted our new Power 30 class in select markets. It’s a shorter, more intense ride that fits perfectly into people’s jam-packed schedules.

Q. How have the website and app changed?

Our new website and updated app not only look amazing, they feel and function amazingly. And this is by design. For example, they both will make suggestions based on users’ instructor and class preferences, locations, and other factors. The site and app are customizable and personal, mirroring the high-touch experience we offer in the studio.

Q. What is it about Flywheel that keeps people coming back for more?

I think it’s because we try to get to know our riders—we love and respect them, and we want them to achieve their goals. We benefit from a broad and diversified customer base, one that comes to us for a variety of reasons: to get in shape, get energized, boost endurance, connect with a specific instructor, or even find community. We provide all this, and we make sure everyone who walks through our door is building the confidence and tenacity to tackle whatever life might throw their way.

Q: Of all this great news, what gets you the most pumped? 

I love having a new look and feel that visually and verbally captures what Flywheel is about. Flywheel’s about change. We’re about helping our riders and pulsers make positive changes in their lives and enjoy the results they achieve. We’ve refreshed our brand for them—it’s an evolution we needed and wanted to make. And now we’re hoping to welcome even more people into our Flywheel family.