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Get lean and feel strong with our NEW 4-week program, which includes 5 weekly classes, at-home workouts, and Early Booking, plus NEW features to help you achieve targeted results: You’ll get goal-specific tips for weight loss or strength, a flexible nutrition plan you can adjust to reach your goal, and personalized support from local coaches.


  • 5 weekly credits 
  • Early Booking (Saturday at 5pm)
  • At-home workouts
  • NEW! Exclusive mix-and-match nutrition plan for flexibility 
  • NEW! Goal-focused nutrition & fitness tips for weight loss and increased strength
  • NEW! Local coaches for added community support

Ready to work hard, play hard, and get fitter than ever? Purchase on the packages buy page today. Plus, all members can participate, on us! Not a member? Purchase today (you can choose your membership start date!). Once your membership starts, simply add the Challenge package for members to your cart, and then check out. (Please note, Challenge classes are contingent on membership type.)