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The Flywheel Challenge: Four Weeks to Change. Are You In?

By October 10, 2014 No Comments


We are thrilled to bring you the first-ever Flywheel Challenge, kicking off October 26th through November 23rd. The Challenge includes 16 Flywheel classes, an exclusive meal plan from renowned nutritionist and Bestowed Founder Heather Bauer, a 45-minute Flywheel workshop to make you more efficient on the bike, and a personal instructor coach to motivate you. And if weight loss is your goal, we will have weekly weigh-ins at each studio. Below you will find additional details on this new, exciting program.

Kick-Off Event
On Sunday, October 26th, we’ll host a 90-minute kick-off event at each studio that will include an overview of the Flywheel Challenge, a presentation of the meal plan and nutrition tips from Heather Bauer, and a 45-minute Flywheel Workshop in the studio. You will also have the opportunity to meet your instructor coach and have your first weigh-in. If you can’t make the kick-off event, we’ll distribute the nutrition plan via email and provide one alternative day/time for the Flywheel Workshop.

Instructor Coach
Your instructor coach will be an instructor who teaches at the studio that is most convenient for you. He or she will be available at the studio for two hours at the same time each week to address questions and manage the weigh-in. If you are not able to meet the instructor at the studio at the designated time and have a question, you can email him/her.

Your instructor coach will also send an email each week with fitness and nutrition tips.

The nutrition component includes:

  • 28 day meal plan with specific recipe, take-out and restaurant suggestions
  • Food log
  • Grocery list
  • Weekly nutrition tips
  • Access to nutritionist two times during the challenge (via conference call) to address questions

Fitness / Classes
The 16 classes will be available in your account after purchase. We recommend that you take four classes per week during the challenge, but you can adjust your class schedule as needed. In the event that you’re traveling or something comes up during the challenge and you can’t take all 16 classes, you will be able to use the credits for two weeks after the challenge ends through December 8th.

All riders are able to take part in the challenge, including members. For information on pricing and to redeem, email

If you’re interested in signing up for the Flywheel Challenge, email and provide the following information by Friday, October 24th.

  • Your full name
  • Your studio location
  • Your Flywheel username
  • Your membership status

Flywheel helps you focus.

“For those 45 minutes, I was forced to think about something other than school. With the post-workout endorphins buzzing around in my body, I would leave class filled with great energy and enthusiasm to tackle my many hours of homework.” UPENN pre-med student Lilly Wilson credits Flywheel for achieving her best grades. Read the full story here.

Flywheel gives you confidence.
“In addition to giving me confidence and physical strength that I’ve never had before, Flywheel has taught me the power of setting goals and how amazing it feels when you crush them.” Read Flywheel NYC rider Lauren Goodwin’s full story here.

Flywheel builds friendships.
Flywheel Atlanta riders Amy Crouse and Brooke Gothard turned their ruthless ambition for that #1 spot on the TorqBoard into a lifelong friendship after discovering that they had a lot more in common than their close rivalry in class. Read their story here.

Flywheel has proven results.
“I knew that Flywheel had changed my body, but it wasn’t until recently, when I saw some before and after photos, that I realized just how much I had transformed. It was really crazy for me to see the pictures – I couldn’t believe the impact Flywheel has had on me.” Read Flywheel Studio Manager Marianne Verna’s story here.

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