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The 5 Most Common Face-Washing Mistakes

By December 2, 2016 May 15th, 2017 No Comments

It’s likely one of the simplest steps in your skincare routine…or is it? It may be time to give a little more thought to how you cleanse your complexion.  Start by checking out these 5 common face washing mistakes, plus helpful tips on what to do instead.

By: Melanie Rud Chadwick

1. Overwashing

You should be washing your face morning and night…right? Well, kind of. If your skin is oily or prone to breakouts, by all means, suds up twice daily. But, if your skin is normal, or even more so if it’s dry, you can totally get away with washing only once a day. This definitely has to be at night though, so that you can wash off the day’s gunk, grime, sweat, and makeup. The good news is that means you can skip cleansing in the morning and use that time to hit snooze instead. (And we all know every minute counts, especially if you’re waking up for Dawn Patrol!)

2. Using the Wrong Cleanser

Not all cleansers are created equal, so it’s important to know and consider your skin type when picking one. Dry or tight feeling? Creamy formulas—look for the words “soap-free,” “cream,” or “balm,” on the label—are your BFF. Cleansing oils are also a good choice for you. Have oily skin? Foaming options help remove excess sebum, while cleansers with salicylic acid are a great way to keep acne-prone skin clear. Regardless, there’s not much sense in splurging on any pricey cleansers; since they’re not on your skin for very long, it’s not worth it to invest in expensive ingredients that essentially get washed down the drain. We suggest hitting the drugstore, and spending that extra cash on Fly Gear, instead!

3. Cranking up the Water Temperature

Admittedly, hot water can feel amazing on your skin…unfortunately, it can do less than amazing things to it. Scalding temps can lead to dilated blood vessels and exacerbate redness, not to mention dry out your complexion. That doesn’t mean you should be washing with frigid H2O, but a nice, lukewarm temperature is always a  safe bet.

 4. Confusing Makeup Removal & Face Washing

The two really aren’t the same thing. Here’s the deal: If you’re sporting a full face of foundation, one wash isn’t going to cut it. While it sounds complicated, a double cleanse is easier than it seems. Start with a makeup remover, which will take off the top layer of well, makeup (fun fact: coconut oil is a great natural alternative). Follow with the face wash of your choice, which will actually cleanse your skin.

5. Reaching for a Washcloth

Not using it the right way can do more harm than good—vigorous scrubbing with the scratchy surface can cause irritation and redness. If you just can’t break the habit, be sure to gently (key word, gently) pat it on your skin, never rubbing or tugging. A better option for those who feel like they need a little bit more than their fingers? An electronic cleansing brush.