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It’s been less than a week since we’ve debuted our brand refresh, but Flywheel has been powering lives since the very beginning. From helping our FLYFam shed inches and pounds to giving them the confidence and mental strength to overcome challenges, the benefits of riding and pulsing go way beyond the studio — they live in the body, heart, the mind, and the spirit. Check out four amazing stories below and then ask yourself: ‘How has Flywheel powered my life?’ We guarantee you’ll feel inspired to keep up the amazing work.

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Ruth blog imageMotivation.

At Flywheel, it’s a word we like to use a lot. To get some intel on what motivated our brand refresh, we sat down with our fearless leader, Flywheel Founder and Creative Director Ruth Zukerman. Ruth tells us about all the exciting changes you can expect, from site to studio and everything in between. Saddle up—it’s going to be one amazing ride.

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Fifty-Five and FLY!


In December of 2013, a friend invited me to my first Flywheel class. I thoroughly enjoyed it, so I purchased a five-pack right off the bat. One afternoon after class, Jenna Bertram, a Flywheel and FlyBarre instructor, encouraged me to sign up for the upcoming six-week FlyBarre Challenge. I didn’t know anything about FlyBarre and hadn’t even peeked through the studio window to witness a class in progress. Needless to say, I thought to myself, “Sure, why not?” and signed up completely oblivious to what was ahead of me. Continue Reading

“By the end of the challenge I had lost 16.4 pounds!”


Flywheel Chicago rider Shauna Anderson started FLYing in 2014 after suffering an injury during marathon training.   Six months later, she’s not only lost 16 pounds, but also discovered a workout that allows her to pursue her goal of running a marathon in all seven continents! Now, Shauna feels confident and ready to tackle her next challenge – the Tokyo Marathon in 2015.  Read her story here.  Continue Reading

FlyBarre Challenge: “I pulsed my way to the end, losing a total of 17.3 inches.”


Laurie Cobb and FlyBarre instructor Brandon Goodman

My love affair with Flywheel began several months ago when I found an article on a local fitness blog. Up until that point in my weight-loss journey, I had been Grouponing my way through the NYC fitness scene, continuously going to classes, never quite finding one I couldn’t live without. I became interested in Flywheel because of the technology. I am a numbers girl both in life and work, so this seemed like something right up my alley. Then I read that Flywheel is “the workout that lights the fire.” I hadn’t even stepped foot inside the stadium, yet I was already hooked.

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Taking the FlyBarre Challenge to New Heights

My wife Laura kept telling me how much she enjoyed Flywheel and after suffering through yet another wet and soggy Seattle day on my bike, I decided to give it a try. As an avid cyclist for the past 25 years, I couldn’t imagine that this would be much of a change from “other” indoor cycle workouts that I had experienced. Well, I was a bit wrong. I walked into my first class on October 27, 2012. And that’s where my journey began… Continue Reading

Spotlight: Meet the Instructors of FlyBarre LA


Haven’t experienced FlyBarre LA yet? Need a reason? For starters, our classes are highly energetic, fast-paced, and fun – as are our FlyBarre West Hollywood studio instructors. Our team of outgoing, driven and motivating instructors strive to give you the best workout possible – and when you pulse it out with us, you’ll never experience the same class twice (or the same playlist!). Get to know our instructors here:  Continue Reading