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Stay Fit Like An Instructor

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Alex Sweeney (Wheel-Seattle), Alyssa Marsh (Wheel-Philadelphia), Olivia Fernandes (Wheel/Precision Training-Miami), and Marc Daigle (Wheel-NYC) talk about everything Fitness! From mantras to marathons, get the inside scoop on what our instructors think about workouts.

-Fitness related plans for the summer? (Training for a marathon, Tri, Ironman, etc.)
Alex: Already tackled a Half Ironman and Sprint Triathlon! Up next: Seawheeze Half Marathon & some good, scenic hikes with my boys!
Alyssa: Training for my second amateur boxing match at Gleasons gym on 8/24
Olivia: Currently training for my first NPC bikini competition in October.
Marc: I just completed my second Ironman this summer. It was challenging since I was diagnosed with a neuromuscular disease 2 years ago called CMT and 2 months ago I was hit by a car while riding my bike and broke my elbow.

-Name your role model in fitness or sports and explain why?
Alex: I don’t really have one role model in fitness/sports, but I absolutely find motivation in fellow fitness professionals who are also mothers. As a mom of two, I sometimes feel like I’m creating my own path in my fitness goals, simply because it’s not the standard “norm” to be a mom of young kids who chooses to tackle big fitness goals. So anytime I find others around me attempting to balance their lives as mothers AND lead fitness-driven lives, I find motivation! Badasses like Serena Williams who are relentless and keep kicking ass after having babies!
Alyssa: Mikaela Mayer. Pro-female fighter. She’s got some great messages about staying feminine, embracing your femininity and being tough all at once. “It’s okay to hit like a girl!”
Olivia:  I don’t necessarily have a fitness role model. I push myself because I want to be the best version of myself.

-How did u get into fitness?
Alex: I wasn’t super athletic growing up. In my early twenties, I started running to help get me through a tough breakup. It was a mental & emotional space for me to reset. Running became a passion and soon after I discovered an inner competitor. Distances grew and I took on a few half marathons but was too scared to do a full marathon, so I started triathlons (haha). Fast-forward several years and I finally did my first full marathon while training for my first full Ironman (which includes a marathon after biking 112 miles!). Along the road of running, I found yoga and cycling and got my yoga certification and fell in love with coaching. I discovered Flywheel and the rest is history! I am passionate about my own fitness goals and passionate about coaching others to find their mental and physical strength as well. Next up: getting my NASM CPT!
Alyssa: It’s in the family! My parents both grew up playing sports. Therefore naturally I grew up in the gym with them. Starting lifting weights at 12, I started playing soccer/cheerleading in 1st grade. Starting boxing freshmen year of high school for fun.
Oliva: I came from a dance background, so movement was always apart of my life. After graduating from college I missed the thrill I got from performing. That’s when I found group fitness and realized I could have that same feeling in my classes.
Marc:  Fitness was always a passion of mine. Growing up I was very active and played a ton of sports. I started working for a fitness center back at home in Missouri and realized that.

-What you love about working in fitness?
Alex: EVERYTHING! I have zero excuses for getting in a workout because it’s my job! I love my wacky, unusual schedule – I often have free time in the afternoons or late mornings to hang with my 1 & 3-year-old boys. I have flexibility. And the relationships! I love meeting so many incredible people! I’ve been inspired more times than I can remember, and created several life-long friendships.
Alyssa: The music and energy. For a short moment, everyone is on the same wavelength, we are all in that moment together! I enjoy pushing myself to a level that I haven’t before or helping others to do the same.
Olivia: I love that I get to meet so many different people. You build genuine connections with your clients and everybody comes from different walks of life, you can learn so much from each person!

 -If it wasn’t fitness, what would you do?
Alex:  I honestly have no idea! I lucked out falling into this career! Maybe movies. I studied cinema in college and always loved the idea of working on films (Cameron Diaz’s job in “The Holiday” for example)
Alyssa: I don’t feel that there is any other profession for me. I work full time in mgmt and operations in fitness, work at Flywheel and amateur box. Fitness is me.
Olivia:  Honestly, I can not imagine my life not working in fitness. It’s a beautiful thing when you find your passion.

-Favorite workouts out of the studio?
Alex:  Running around beautiful Seattle in the summer – no music, just the open air. Moderate strength training. Yoga.
Alyssa:  strength training! Love to crush some heavy weights!
Olivia: Wheel.

-Mantras/Motivation that keeps you going
Alex: “Be Fearless” and “Anything Is Possible” – both are tattooed on my body 🙂
Alyssa: there are always low moments in everything that we do. I try and remind myself that you have to work with the best to be the best… you have to hit the bottom sometimes to get to the top. Fail at practice, so that you can shine when the bell rings.
Olivia: My motto for life is “Do better, be better.” You have to create the change you want to see.

-How to spend your rest day?
Alex: With my boys at the park, zoo, aquarium, exploring the city or relaxing at home
Alyssa: I try and get a deep tissue massage twice a week. If I can’t get a massage, then I roll out for a good 30-40 minutes, do some yoga, and sleep!
Olivia: A rest day for me is just staying home with my husband. I move my body so much that it is so important to take advantage of downtime.

 -Day of the week?
Alex: Sundays
Alyssa: Sunday’s are my reset days. My boyfriend and I meal prep for the entire week on Sundays. 7 meals a day, for the entire week.

-How do you take care of yourself?
Alex: Eat lots of food, try to drink lots of water (I struggle with drinking enough water!), NAPS, assisted stretching, and pedicures 😉
Alyssa: I usually train and teach 2-3 times a day, with my busy training schedule and work, it’s helpful to lay out clothes for the week as well!
Olivia: Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition! I am on a very strict meal plan, due to getting ready for my competition.

-What do you eat?
Alex:  Everything. Current favorites: peanut butter, butter, avocado, any fruit, and bacon. Not necessarily together…
Alyssa: I stick to a pretty consistent schedule with my meals. Lean protein sources 4 ounces/ greens 4 ounces and 3 ounces of a good carb like sweet potatoes something whole grain.
Olivia: A lot of veggies and eggs. I’m pretty sure I am going to turn into an egg soon.

-How do you prepare for the week ahead?
Alex: Create playlists, plan out time to be with my kids and do at least one thing for me-time (pedicure, stretch, haircut, etc).
Olivia: I always have to make sure I have all my meals ready for the next day, so my planning for the week consists of a ton of meal prep. Oh and laundry…the laundry is never-ending.

-How do you unplug?
Alex: Read a good book or watch something on Netflix (Workin’ Moms & Stranger Things). Or look for a new scary movie I haven’t yet seen!
Alyssa:  I unplug by doing something fun, going to a park to run that has a view of the water or any activity that is outdoors is good for me!
Olivia: Unplugging for me is sitting in bed…with my super fine husband…watching netflix.

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