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Lacey Stone played sports her entire life, yet she never really knew what she wanted to be when she grew up. When she moved to New York City in her early 20s, Lacey was inspired by the trainers at her local gym who were turning fitness into a career. She then realized that there was nothing else in the world she would rather do. “I grew up working out, but I always had coaches that didn’t quite inspire me the way I needed it,” says Lacey. “So I decided that I wanted to be the coach to my clients and students that I never had. A positive life force that believes in you no matter what.” We sat down with the LA Flywheel instructor who is notorious for her high-energy, inspirational and incredibly fun classes.

What brought you to Flywheel?
I moved to Los Angeles two years ago from New York City. I always valued the Flywheel brand and wanted to be a part of the Fly family in Los Angeles. I believe the Flywheel method is the most effective and efficient way to work out on a bike. I love being part of the company because they treats their employees so well and truly care about the member experience in ways I’ve never seen in the fitness industry.


Tell us about your class…

The Vibe:
With me, what you see is what you get. I’m fun, but I’m also no BS! My class is full of energy and fun and I guarantee you’ll see major results. In short, I like to describe my teaching style as “tight abs with a side of love.”

The Music:
I love mixing it up so that there is something for everyone. I’m really into finding mash-ups on iTunes with oldies and the latest chart toppers. Pink is my all time favorite, but I also love Sam Smith, Mumford and Sons, Jay Z, Beyonce, and fun dance songs like “Stay the Night” by Zedd. Check out my latest playlist here on Spotify.

How do you stay fueled for class?
Before class I usually have an organic granola bar. The brand is called Two Moms, they are delicious, healthy and filling. Post-class I usually have a smoothie from Pressed, Juicery, or Nectar.

Can you remember a specific time when you felt like you were truly the coach you always wanted to be?
I’ve always admired Flywheel LA rider Ted Trent. His determination and dedication to his health and fitness is an inspiration to me and the Flywheel LA team. Ted recently commented on a photo I shared on my Facebook page post-class and what he said really resonated with me. I was able to truly see the impact I’ve had on my riders:

“Our instructor, Lacey Stone, is someone who when you are with her, you believe anything is possible. What I love about Lacey’s class is something I never thought I would get from a cycling class—I get to have a better day. There are just a few people on the planet that can actually make your day better. She fully acknowledges the opportunity she has to make a difference in about 40 people’s lives each day (and that’s just the 9:30am class—she also teaches the 8:15am right before!). I hope she realizes that by contributing to our day, she touches thousands of lives. She takes such a sacred space on with honor and respect and kicks your butt beyond what you thought you were capable of. Lacey pushes you further than you knew was possible while reminding you that it’s you and your community that you’re pushing for in that very moment. She reminds you of your spirit living inside you, and to channel it. She reminds you of the community that supports you. She begins your day with power and mediation. It’s an amazing combination. Thank you Lacey for moving to Los Angeles. Our community is even more complete and abundant with you here!”

How do you spoil yourself?
I love the beach, I’m also a foodie so going to dinner with friends is something that makes me really happy.   Voda Spa is a place I love to go to relax get a massage, enjoy the sauna and maybe a little whirlpool for my tight muscles.

In one word:
My friends would describe me as: FUN!
If I could travel to ONE place I would go to: The Moon

I Fly to make the world a happier place through sweat… In short, I fly for my riders.

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