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Spotlight: Master Instructor Emily Sferra

By February 24, 2014 No Comments

“It cost me exactly $99 to drastically change my life. [ $99 = one-way ticket to Seattle ]”


Two years ago, Emily Sferra picked up and moved across the country from New Jersey to Seattle. She had no job, no house, no car and no network to rely on. In her own words, Sferra “moved trusting that [she] could make it all happen, ready for the challenge.” Two years later, FlyBarre has given her all of these things and more – and she clearly “made it happen.” Sferra recently became a Master Instructor at Flywheel South Lake Union and Bellevue. We sat down with Emily to learn more about her journey to FlyBarre and her new role as Master Instructor:

“Achieving Master Instructor status is something I am completely honored by and I certainly don’t take this recognition lightly. FlyBarre (and Flywheel) holds an incredible standard of excellence for its instructors. You are literally surrounded by some of the BEST talent in the country and many of the most inspirational, charismatic, passionate and genuine people you’ll ever meet. Instructors at Flywheel Sports love what they do, and it shows.

Since day one, being a part of that environment has encouraged me to strive to go above and beyond with everything I do here. I’ve been diligent about vocalizing my goals and putting in the time and effort required to meet them.

With this new role, I look forward to the challenges of keeping my classes fresh and fun, as well as continuing to find more ways to be a resource and support system for my teams and regions. I also look forward to helping the company expand the program on this side of the country. 2014 has great things in store for the West Coast and I am thrilled to be a part of it!”

What can a pulser expect from your class?
It’s kind of like you’re on this crazy, fun, and thrilling roller coaster ride, with your best friend right by your side. It’s the kind of roller coaster you want to ride, again and again. You will laugh, you will learn great form, you will be pushed and ultimately, you will be proud.

What type of music do you like to play in class?
I work hard to represent all of the different artists and genres that are out there right now, but I am personally into alternative/electronic music. My go-to artists of the moment are: Flume, Two Door Cinema Club, Phantogram, MIA, Sbtrkt, Grimes, CHVRCHES, Leagues and Lucius.

What’s the funniest thing that’s happened in your class?
Me + a disco ball + high waisted, form fitting, bright purple shiny disco pants + Barbara Santana (Flywheel Seattle instructor) in a big puffy wig. It was a 70’s barre & wheel duet theme class!

#FLYFuel: What are some of your favorite ways to fuel before and after class? And what’s your GUILTY indulgence?
Since I teach mostly early morning classes, I typically have a small black coffee and maybe half of a banana or a handful of nuts beforehand if I’m feeling hungry. After I teach or workout in the AM, it’s on! My focus is finding a way to get in some protein, which can be challenge. I’m a sucker for a good smoothie, especially one with hemp seed protein and any kind of fruit. I also love granola with Greek yogurt, a handful of fruit or a dash of honey and a sprinkle of hemp seeds on top (can you tell I love hemp seeds?!). Also, hard boiled eggs rock my world. My guilty indulgence? The one thing I just cannot get away from: Swedish Fish! Beyond the fact that there is zero nutritional content in them, I worry I’ll have endless cavities from eating them. But obviously, the cons have yet to outweigh the pros in this situation for me. Here’s more Flyfuel faves from our instructors.

What’s your MANTRA?
I FLY for the chance. The chance to change my day, and my attitude. The chance to be better, and get stronger. The chance to find a new friend, and to see a familiar face. The chance to turn it all around, and take back the reins.

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