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Three fun facts you may not know about Flywheel Seattle Master Instructor Tommy McCarthy: He has a twin sister, he’s a certified Life Coach, and his favorite all time music artist is Prince.

When asked about his career at Flywheel, McCarthy says “I honestly feel like I was born to do this. Everything in my life from team sports, military training, sales, customer service and being a lover of all music has lead me to become an instructor with Flywheel. Do what you love to do and you’ll never work another day in your life. Thank you Ruth and Jay, along with the rest of our Flywheel staff.” Read more about Tommy and be sure to reserve your spot in the stadium:

What brought me to Flywheel:
I met a very nice lady, Gina Hadley, who took my class and asked me if I knew about Flywheel. A week or two later I met Kate Hickl and Kara Liotta, flew off to NYC and the rest is history.

The Vibe:
My next is class is always my best class, I bring a ton of energy and I feel as if I’m performing in a concert. From beginning to end, I entertain, challenge and expect the best out of each rider at all times.

The Music:
I’m an eighties kid at heart, but I challenge myself to be unpredictable. I want my classes to appeal to the masses and so my music reflects that. At least one song on my playlist should resonate or touch everyone in class.

One of the coolest things that’s happened as a result of teaching at Flywheel:
I was able to travel to NYC for the first and only time in my life (so far)!

When I’m not teaching you can find me:
I really like to hang out with my Great Dane/Lab puppy, Toby.  I usually take him on long walks and to several dog parks near my house. The movies aren’t too bad either, I often go just to leave reality for a couple of hours.

My #FlyFuel and guilty indulgence:
I eat a lot! Usually something light before class such as cereal or a sandwich depending on the time.  Afterwards, whatever sounds good! I try to plan and eat well most of the time but if I want pizza, I will eat pizza!

In one word:
My friends describe me as: Silly.
If I could teach class with one particular celebrity it would be: Prince, duh!!
If I could travel to one place in the world I would go to:  Australia.

My mantra?
Challenge is change and change is what we all want whether it is for the better or for a lesson to become better.

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