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Rock Your Halloween Costume: 4 FlyBarre Moves

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If your Halloween costume shows off your back, shoulders, arms, or legs (sexy superhero, anyone?) now’s the perfect time to add a little more oomph to your routine. In addition to these important toning moves, we asked four FlyBarre instructors for the best exercises (and confidence secrets!) for rocking anything short, sleeveless, strapless, backless, and beyond. Hop in a class or try them at home!

MY GO-TO FLYBARRE MOVE FOR TONED ABS: Standing obliques! I am always sore the day after doing this exercise. Here’s how to do it: position yourself by standing about shoulder length apart, soft bend to your knees, facing forward. While holding light, 2-pound weights in each hand, isolate your hips and move your torso side-to-side until you feel the burn.
MY #1 CONFIDENCE BOOSTER: I like to pamper myself a little bit. Whether it’s getting a massage, a haircut, or my nails done, taking some time out and treating myself always elevates my mood.
FAVORITE CANDY: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, hands down.
MY HALLOWEEN COSTUME: I don’t dress up, but I love to sit back, enjoy the decorations and watch the kids get so excited about trick-or-treating.

MY GO-TO FLYBARRE MOVE FOR SCULPTED LEGS: Reverse chair with the ball. The quads and inner thighs get such great burn. Plus, it’s easy to do at home or while traveling (just use a rolled up towel in place of the ball!). Place your back against a wall and slide your back down until your hips are parallel with your knees. Make sure your ankles, shoulders, hips, and knees are all aligned. Keep the belly button pulled in with the core completely engaged and keep your spine neutral. Then, pull your toes up off the ground and jog your heels for a few minutes. In class, it’s easy to keep the mood light during this exercise since we’re all facing the center of the room and can see everyone’s expressions.
MY #1 CONFIDENCE BOOSTER: I love it when my clients see results and when I can see the results. And the change doesn’t always have to be physical – it can be about endurance (think: holding plank for the entire warm-up!) I love to compliment them on their hard work.
FAVORITE CANDY: Bite-sized Baby Ruth’s, straight out of the freezer!
MY HALLOWEEN COSTUME: I haven’t decided, but I know I won’t be wearing heels. Last year I was Catwoman and taught all my classes wearing knee-high stiletto boots!

MY GO-TO FLYBARRE MOVE FOR DEFINED ARMS: Kneeling tricep kickbacks using the band.  I love this exercise because it quickly and efficiently tones the backs of your arms while challenging your shoulders by holding the band.  It’s a one-stop-shop for your arms and only takes about 2.5 minutes to really feel the burn.  At home, you can loop a resistance band over a railing and pull down on the band. Most of the work should be from your elbows to your wrists, keeping your upper arms stable and close to your upper body.
MY #1 CONFIDENCE BOOSTER: I put on one of my favorite pump-up songs (currently “Ah Yea So What” by Will Sparks!) and do a set of FlyBarre abs!
FAVORITE CANDY: Dark chocolate.
MY HALLOWEEN COSTUME: It’s a secret!  My favorite Halloween costume from the past however, was the inflatable Stay Puft Marshmallow Man costume that I wore in 2013.  It had a fan inside the costume to keep it inflated and my entire head was covered, so I taught my class only seeing through two mesh holes for eyes. It was one of the most fun times I have had teaching FlyBarre!

MY GO-TO FLYBARRE MOVE FOR A FIRM BUTT: The Scorpion. It hits allll the right spots! To do it at home, start by lying on your left hip on the mat while resting on your left forearm. Bend your bottom knee in and extend your top leg long and point your toes — pulse here for one minute. Trace small clockwise circles with your top leg/pointed toe for one minute. Then take micro bends of your top leg followed by extension (think of tapping the bull’s-eye of the circle you just made) for one minute. Then, transition the move to the wall: lie on your back and place your right foot on the wall, hips under your knees and your opposite leg at a 45-degree angle, toe pointed and hips peeled off the mat. Pulse for one minute. Then, trace big clockwise circles with your hips (not your leg), making sure to emphasize the press up with the hips connecting your hamstring to your glute (building your shelf for your booty to rest on for one minute). For the final position, take your foot on the wall and turn it out 45 degrees. Take your opposite leg and bend it down towards the floor letting your big toe hover. Pulse for one minute and then repeat everything on the other side. Beyoncé music during this is optional, but definitely recommended.
FAVORITE CANDY: I’m not a big candy fan, but lollipops, Blow Pops or Tootsie Rolls hit the spot when I’m craving something sweet.
MY HALLOWEEN COSTUME: Old school Tina Turner! I’ll be rocking a leotard, jean jacket, amazing highlights and high heels.



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