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RIDE IT OUT! Flywheel Instructors’ Tips for Crushing a Ride

By January 11, 2016 No Comments


Karen Maxwell - LA2When they aren’t on the podium leading a class, Flywheel instructors can be found working out amongst the crowd. And, just like us, they often have to dig deep to channel their inner strength and overcome plateaus. Here’s a peek into why they love to FLY, plus what motivates them when the going – and the Torq – gets tough.

Karen Maxwell (AKA KMax), Flywheel Los Angeles

I Teach:  10-12 Flywheel classes per week

I Take: Two to three FlyBarre classes per week

Why I Love Sweating with the Crowd: I’m always learning about new moves or music from other instructors (yes, we love to steal!). Plus, sometimes you just need the energy of a fellow teammate to up your game.

How I Get Through a Plateau in Class: Chances are, if I’m plateauing during a class, there is something I can do to challenge myself. Is my form correct? Can I pull in tighter? Can I add more Torq? Are my hips dropped?  Things like that.

My Motivational Mantra: Stop wishing it were easier and start wishing you were better.

How I Reward Myself After a Tough Workout: I drink a cold beer. Wait, I mean consume electrolytes and protein. Yeah, that’s what I do.


Meghan Lee, Flywheel and FlyBarre Charlotte

I Teach: Three wheel and eight barre classes per week

I Take: At least three classes a week

Why I Love Sweating with the Crowd: It’s so inspiring! I always come out hearing a new song or learning how to cue something better. Plus, it’s fun! I teach these classes because I truly enjoy it. And, working out alongside our FLYers is so motivating because they’re such strong, committed athletes.

How I Get Through a Plateau in Class: I remind myself that this is what I chose to do in my free time, the little of that I have as a busy mom, and I owe it to myself to make every second count. I won’t always be capable of pushing this hard, so I do what I can, when I can!

My Motivational Mantra: My mantra in so many areas of life is “Don’t say no, or you can’t, until you try. Continue your growth.”

How I Reward Myself After a Tough Workout: I take a short catnap. Fifteen minutes in the afternoon and I’m completely refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of the day.


Missy Quintana, Flywheel Highland Park

I Teach: Four classes per week

I Take: Two or three Flywheel classes per week, and FlyBarre when I can squeeze it in!

Why I Love Sweating with the Crowd: Hearing different music is always helpful, but I think it’s most important to never forget what it feels like to be on the other side of the mic. It definitely helps my coaching.

How I Get Through a Plateau in Class: I’m super competitive, so if I am at the top of the female side of the TorqBoard, I take off after the guys.  If I’m ahead of both, I shoot for a personal record.

My Motivational Mantra: Get out of your own way. You’re much stronger than you can even imagine.

How I Reward Myself After a Tough Workout: New workout gear is at the top of my list!