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Retired Goalkeeper Kevin Hartman Takes on FlyBarre

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 “I think sometimes for a guy, it’s easy to dismiss FlyBarre’s intensity,” says retired Major League Soccer and US Soccer Goalkeeper Kevin Hartman. After participating in the six week FlyBarre Challenge, Hartman realized just how challenging (and humbling) pulsing can be. Now, Hartman gets candid about his experience. Gentlemen, it’s time to buck up and give it a try.

“As I wrapped up my 17-year career as a goalkeeper with Major League Soccer and US Soccer, I came to the quick realization that I was going to need to do something fast to stay in shape and not slip into the unhealthy habits that had befallen many of my former teammates. I also knew that my left knee wasn’t what it used to be and I should probably try something as low impact as possible. It didn’t take me long to find Flywheel.

While with the New York Red Bulls, I became a bit of a cycling connoisseur. As the season stretched on, my knee ached more and more and while I wasn’t able to train on the field, my daily date with the stationary bike became a favorite part of my routine. Once retired, I turned to Flywheel in Plano, Texas. Flywheel provided me with a quality bike to work on, a competitive element with both the TorqBoard and the Power Up program, motivational music, and instructors that genuinely cared about my development. I loved how Flywheel gave me options throughout the day to train and rejoiced in the fact that my workout was so efficient. I never finished the 45-minute session and felt like I hadn’t gotten the most out of my time. I left every class soaked. I must admit, though, I’m pretty in tune with my body and although I could barely make it through the “arms” portion of the Flywheel workout, I missed lifting. However, I didn’t want to join another gym. I constantly saw advertisements for FlyBarre and figured it was worth a shot.

Now, I’ll admit, I was a bit naive when I signed up for my first class. I walked in and was completely overwhelmed. I had accidentally signed up for the Sport class that was being instructed by Emily Sfrerra, one of the top FlyBarre instructors from Seattle. The local instructors were all taking the class and I was probably the only beginner -I felt like the outcast!

If you’ve ever met a professional athlete (even a retired one), you know how competitive we are. The body weight exercises in FlyBarre had me scrambling to keep up and I knew immediately that the workout would more than cover what I felt I was missing, without needing to join another gym. Soon after that first class, I inquired about the FlyBarre Challenge that was about to begin and immediately signed up. Four classes per week in addition to the Flywheel classes that I was already taking was no small task. My schedule got extremely packed and I began to feel like my schedule hadn’t changed much since retirement. I spent more of my mornings exercising, was cognizant of what I was eating, and made sure that I was aware of how much I was sleeping and if my body was recovering properly. I felt that familiar soreness. I loved it.

The majority of the time, I was the only male in the room. I think sometimes for a guy, it’s easy to dismiss the class’s intensity. FlyBarre is extremely hard. It was humbling. Sure, it’s easy to head to the gym and pick up some dumbbells and lift them methodically at your own pace, but it’s quite different to look in the mirror and see yourself being outdone. The same competition that I enjoyed in the Flywheel classes was alive and well in FlyBarre. There is nowhere to hide! Yet at the same time, no one is really watching. They’re too concerned about themselves, getting that hip turned in, keeping their back straight, and of course, pulsing.

Now that the FlyBarre Challenge is over, I’m sad. I met great people. We struggled alongside one another and I felt at home. I felt the same sense of community that I aim to create at Shutout Goalkeeping Shutout Goalkeeping  for young goalkeepers. By providing young goalkeepers with the proper resources, I believe they’ll have the best chance at success, and Flywheel is similar in their approach. Throughout the FlyBarre Challenge, we received nutritional information and were walked through crucial barre techniques. I can’t wait for the next one to start! Six more weeks to see how much I can improve. Could I have eaten better, could I have squeezed in another session, or did I quit a position too soon? I welcome you to join me, but beware, I sweat…a lot. This isn’t your mama’s exercise class!”

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Thank you Kevin for sharing your story! We look forward to hearing how round two of the FlyBarre Challenge treats you!

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