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Pulsing and Pregnancy: 6 Things All FLY Moms-To-Be Must Know

By May 10, 2017 No Comments

Exercising is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself and your growing baby, but many women have questions or concerns about pulsing it out while pregnant.

To help clear things up so you can get down to the mat, we chatted with FlyBarre Seattle Master Instructor and new mom Emily O’Connell. Here, six things all FLY moms-to-be should know before rocking a FlyBarre class:

1. Is FlyBarre healthy for a pregnant woman?

Yes! The strength gained in FlyBarre helps your body carry the increasing load of pregnancy and is great preparation for labor, delivery, and recovery. There are many ways to modify the workout to suit any level and remain comfortable as your pregnancy progresses.

2. I love how FlyBarre makes my muscles burn, but it is TOO intense for a mom-to-be?

The intensity of FlyBarre is perfect for most moms-to-be. Our classic class format has minimal impact, making it easy on joints and allowing a pregnant pulser to maintain a healthy heart rate. You never want to be so winded that you can no longer speak comfortably. Sing or count along with the music to make sure you remain in the safe zone and take a break if you need it.

3. How often should I be pulsing?

Two or three classes per week is enough to maintain a healthy level of strength during pregnancy. Of course, if you’re up for more, go for it!

4. How far into my pregnancy can I pulse?

We’ve had women who pulse with us on the day they go into labor! Every pregnancy is different, so take cues from your body. This is not the time to push yourself too hard. Always talk to your doctor as your pregnancy progresses to make sure you’re cleared to work out, and to determine if you need to make extra modifications.

5. Crunches, planks, squats – are these moves safe?

Too much abdominal work during pregnancy can put pressure on your abdominal wall and lead to muscle separation. We recommend modifying most ab work, which every FlyBarre instructor is trained to help you with. All of our arm, leg, and glute work is safe and is a great way to keep your body strong.

6. How can I modify my class to make it as safe and efficient as possible?

All FlyBarre instructors are trained in pregnancy modifications and can walk you through options before class begins or as you’re doing exercises. In general, things like putting the ball behind your back during abs or inner thigh work can give you extra support. Always let your instructor know how far along you are and if there are any positions that make you especially uncomfortable. We are happy to help you tailor a workout that’s safe and effective!

For more fit mom tips, follow Emily on Instagram HERE. Ready to pulse? Catch classes with Emily in Seattle HERE.