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Power Points for a Good Cause

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Just a few weeks ago, Peter Agnes, a partner at hedge fund Caxton Associates, rallied coworkers to take Natalie Cohen’s 6:00 am class at Flywheel Upper East Side. No, this wasn’t a business meeting or an excuse to arrive late to work, but rather a ride aimed at raising money for The Children’s Storefront School in Harlem, NY.

Being a dedicated and competitive rider at heart, Peter had a feeling his like-minded coworkers would be up for the challenge of cycling at Flywheel—especially for a good cause.

As a tuition-free independent school, The Children’s Storefront relies heavily on charitable donations in order to support their students and teachers. Having worked closely with the school in the past, Agnes came up with a plan to utilize Flywheel’s technology to raise money for The Children’s Storefront. For every Power Point achieved by all riders participating in the class, he would donate a $1 on Caxton’s behalf – a pledge that was generously matched by a co-worker.

Knowing they were making a difference with each turn of the wheel, riders pushed even harder to achieve their highest score possible. The result? Agnes and his team raised more than $10,000 for The Children’s Storefront.

We asked Peter to share more information on why The Children’s Storefront means so much to him:

When did you get involved with The Children’s Storefront?
Caxton has made charitable activities a major focus over the past year and each office (New York, Princeton, NJ and London) has selected a charity or group to work with regularly. The Children’s Storefront was our choice in the New York office. The school has an amazing track record of educating underserved youth in Harlem over the last 38 years. Unlike other independent schools in New York City, it’s fully funded privately. A group from Caxton also volunteers regularly at the school helping with the Core Support program after school.

How much money were you hoping to raise in the class?
I was hoping we could raise $5,000, but with a better than expected turnout and some generous additional donations, we more than doubled our goal.

There’s nothing better than knowing you’re helping to make a difference in someone’s life, describe how you felt when you realized how much money you raised for The Children’s Storefront?
It felt great while we were doing the ride—it helps you push a bit harder—and it felt even better afterwards.

Peter-Agnes-main-4-580From left: Joe Capone and Mike Cooke and Peter Agnes.


We’re so inspired by our riders!  Learn more about The Children’s Storefront and how you can get involved.