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Everyone remembers life during his or her first FLY. For many, including Flywheel DC instructor Gregg Pitts, it was a time of personal struggle, anxiety, and uncertainty about the future. And all it took was hitting the bike to change things for the better…

Change doesn’t happen overnight, but sometimes a change of heart does – even when you least expect it. Back in 2008, a tumultuous series of events converged at one point in my life and thankfully, indoor cycling entered at just the right time. An intense and beloved job had just ended and I was going through some very dramatic personal challenges. My heart was heavy, anxiety was high, and sadness was often pervasive.

Indoor cycling entered my life unexpectedly – a year later, I found myself standing at the base of a treadmill at my local gym. At the time, I had lost about 30 pounds, but hit a plateau. As I searched for any distraction to procrastinate my treadmill pounding, I found myself staring enviously at the happy, sweaty people filing out of the cycling room high-fiving. That’s when I knew indoor cycling was going to be my new jam.

A complete departure from the solidarity of running, I was ready to try it. My outside may have been calm, cool, and collected, but inside, I was terrified. Thankfully, the room was dark and I picked a bike along the wall. Within the first few minutes, my nerves dissipated and I found myself in the energy, the music, and overall atmosphere! I also started to meet friends and build a community of support. When someone didn’t show up for a few classes I wondered where they were. We cared about each other, and we were friends. It was just what I needed at that time. I was hooked and before I knew it, another 30 pounds melted off, and I was no longer terrified, anxious, or scared.

After a year as a very dedicated student, I decided that teaching was the best way to share those feelings with others. When I first started instructing in 2009, I put my own stamp on music and classes, allowing my personality and experience to shine through. Teaching also allowed me to share my experience with the riders. The beats and athleticism defined my classes, which allowed me to connect and attract a following. Then came more change…

In 2011, I took my first Flywheel class and felt the camaraderie in the stadium was palpable. It’s present in the energy and beats of the music. After four years of FLYing, I joined the team at the Dupont studio, and I can confidently say that my entire experience has changed me. As an instructor, the class isn’t about me – it’s about the riders. I always want to deliver the best, and I feel very grateful.

The greatest gift of teaching at Flywheel is the community and friendship. Many of the same riders from 2009 are at Flywheel today! We have grown together through the years and have seen each other through the contours of life: relationships, break-ups, marriages, injuries, pregnancies, adoptions and more. In the end it’s always been more than just a workout.



When you focus on all the things you’re grateful for, it can help you lead a happier, healthier life. We often share stories from our riders and pulsers who are thankful for our instructors who lead inspiring classes. But, little might you know, our instructors are pretty thankful for you, too. Here they share stories about the riders and pulsers that have made an impact on their lives, one class at a time.

With the 28 Days to Fit Challenge behind us (so bittersweet!), riders and pulsers across the country are enjoying not only their hard-earned results and new friends, but also their newfound confidence and healthier approach to life. Read on and let their stories inspire you to FLY into the New Year and beyond!

At Flywheel, we celebrate women every day with our fierce female riders, pulsers and instructors. They all represent what it means to be a FLY woman. From owning their own businesses to spending late nights at medical school – we are honored to have these amazingly strong women representing Flywheel both in and out of the stadium. Click here to help us salute the ladies of FLY.