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Flywheel Charlotte Flyer Meredith Williams shares her story on how she found a fitness regimen that finally works for her. 

Growing up, I didn’t participate in conventional sports. Rather than joining my friends in softball, field hockey or volleyball, I was on a professional jump roping team. Beginning at age five, and continuing on for 13 years, it was the norm for me to work out almost every day, especially during competition season. But when I got to college, my entire workout routine shifted, if not completely stalled. I gained the “freshman 15” and then some. I completely lost control of my physical health.

When I graduated in 2012, I was completely out of shape and miserable. I lived on the third floor of an apartment building and I found that just walking up those three flights of stairs would leave me winded. I knew that I had to start focusing on fitness again and make it a part of my life as it once was.

I took my first Flywheel class in May 2013. It was fun, but I did so poorly that I lost my drive to return. Alice Moore, the mother of the family that I was nannying for, encouraged me to go back and try another class. I am so thankful that she did. I was blown away (and still am) by her commitment. Even with a full-time job and two young children, Alice FLYs every single morning at 5:30 am.

Flash-forward to January 2014: I was FLYing more frequently and even began going to a personal trainer. At my first trainer consultation, I was told that my weight was putting my health in danger. I was horrified. Yes, I know I had gained weight – I felt it in the way my clothes fit and I could see it in my reflection – but I never considered my health to be at risk. That conversation was the wake up call I really needed to get my life on track. By March, I decided to up the ante and buy a Flywheel membership.

Now, a full year later, I work out with my trainer twice a week in addition to eight (or more!) Flywheel and FlyBarre classes. I do doubles (two classes a day) and, if I have time, a triple on the weekends. Some people call me crazy, but it’s truly my outlet. This is my kind of fun! I can’t imagine NOT doing it all, it’s a part of who I am now and I never want that to change. I’ve gotten family members, sorority sisters and co-workers to take classes and fall in love with Flywheel the way I have.

Flywheel works for me. I participated in the FlyBarre Challenge in October of 2014 and lost four inches in one week! This February, I completed the FlyPlus Challenge and lost seven pounds in the first week. When people ask me what I’ve done to lose weight, I tell them that Flywheel has played a huge role in my success. I have friends that have become members at the Flywheel Chicago, Raleigh and LA studios. When I travel, I make it a point to see if there’s a Flywheel where I am going. I was in Dallas for this past New Year’s and was able to ride in the Plano studio. It felt like family, my home away from home.

My FLYfam has had such a positive impact on my life. I solely credit Alice for getting my butt back into that stadium, and I’ll never be able to thank her enough! Watching her make health a priority, despite busy days with kids and job, motivates me to keep pushing and working towards my goals. Instructors Meghan Lee, Andrea D’Alberto and Miki Russ are also responsible for pushing me past my limits and helping me become a better version of myself.

Since joining Flywheel, I’ve lost almost 50 pounds, gained muscle, and can proudly walk up a flight of stairs without losing my breath! My embarrassing, unhealthy eating habits are a thing of the past. My diet now consists of protein shakes, vegetables, lean meat, fruits and nuts. All foods that “college Meredith” would have laughed at. These days I laugh at the food I used to eat regularly. I’m not on a diet — this is my lifestyle. I’ve learned so much through this entire process and while I have goals to lose more weight, I know that it’s not just about the number on the scale.

Yes, I want to lose more, but I also want to sculpt, tone, and feel comfortable in a smaller dress size. Most importantly, I want to look in the mirror and be happy with myself. Flywheel has made all of this possible for me.

Last summer, I wore a bikini for the first time in my adult life and I felt confident. I never would have been able to do that on my own! I absolutely cannot wait to see what else I FLY has in store for me.

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