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Not Your Average Fitness Instructor: Meet Nike Master Trainer Holly Rilinger

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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – we’ve got some MAJORLY impressive instructors leading our classes across the country. Not only do they inspire us with their energy, commitment and determination, but they (ahem) tend to look pretty good while doing it too (as if this photo doesn’t speak for itself). Last weekend, Flywheel Master Instructor and Nike Master Trainer Holly Rilinger represented Flywheel at NIKE’s NTC LA TOUR, a day-long fitness event on the beach in Santa Monica. Flywheel brought 70 bikes out to the beach and Holly taught three EPIC back-to-back classes. It was a day we’ll never forget. Curious to know more about Holly? She shares her fitness advice, the story to her success and of course…how she got those abs:

“I consider it an honor to be able to say that I was an instructor at Flywheel back when there was just one location. I’ve watched this company grow from an interesting idea to a powerhouse in the fitness industry. I’m one of the original Master Instructors and I recently created an advanced training program called FLYT SCHOOL, designed to help take seasoned instructors to the next level. It’s a program that I hope to bring to every region and a new and exciting role for me within in the company.

Representing Nike Women’s Training as one of their twelve North American Master Trainers is an honor, a privilege and a life-long dream come true. I’ve been in love with Nike since I could walk. As a former professional basketball player, I dreamt of becoming a Nike sponsored athlete. Here I am, years later, doing just that. YOU GOTTA BELIEVE! I travel all over the country (and at times the world – I just got back from NIKE BLAST in Sweden!) leading EPIC Nike Training Club events. From rooftops in Brooklyn to college campuses in Florida and Michigan, one thing is for certain, NIKE GOES BIG. I led NTC’s biggest event to date last December where I took 500 girls through a workout on Ellis Island. The city was our backdrop, fireworks exploded overhead as we finished our workout and then we danced into the night. To say that I’m living the life of my dreams is an understatement.

NIKE TOUR in Santa Monica gave me the chance to bring together the two brands that have my heart: Flywheel + Nike. I’m a firm believer that working out in groups not only holds you accountable, but provides you with a lifestyle and a team that can lift you up when you need that extra push. I grew up playing on teams so being able to teach group fitness is a way for me to give back and share everything I’ve learned over the years.

Flywheel is so much more than a workout. It’s a way to step outside your life for 45 minutes, get lost in the music, sweat and walk out just a little different than when you walked in. In short, it’s magic.



My go-to FLYFUEL 
I typically work out in the morning and make sure I get my protein in before my workout, so hard boiled eggs are my “go-to.” Post-workout meals are also all about protein. I either have a whey protein shake or eat a big salad with chicken. I stay away from processed foods and carbs for the most part. Balance is big for me though, so when I want something I let myself have it in moderation. My guilty pleasures are ice cream and tequila…and not together!

My Favorite Workout Gear
I’m Nike all day every day! A few of my faves right now are the Nike LunarElement Training shoes. They are super lightweight and great for cross training. I can’t get enough of my Nike Dri-fit Touch Breeze Tanks…paper-thin and perfect for getting super sweaty. When I chill, its always in my classic Nike Air Max and a zip up hoodie.”

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