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New Year. New Instructors. New Goals.

By January 7, 2018 No Comments

We sat down with 10 new instructors across the country to discover how they’re committing to their health and wellness in 2018. Turns out, they’re just like us! From vowing to eat more veggies to running races to achieving more work-life balance, they’ve set their goals sky-high. Read on and join their journey.

Greta Bradbury

This year, I hope to complete a destination race (I’ve signed up for the Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon in Oaxaca, Mexico with my mom), three Olympic distance triathlons (South Beach Miami, NYC and I’m still on the lookout for one more) as well as spend more time learning about how to train efficiently. Knowledge is power and understanding the way your body responds to nutrition, training and recovering is vital to improving your performance. Flywheel has been and will continue to be a big part of accomplishing these goals so let’s get riding!

Camila Ramon

My 2018 goal is to make happiness a priority through my journey. I want to focus on finding a balanced and realistic way to progress through my fitness and wellness goals while still being able to enjoy the beauties of everyday life. Ideally my fitness and wellness goals would encompass feeling lean and strong while not undergoing any unrealistic, or drastic changes that would lead to unnecessary stress or unhappiness.

Mark Whitesides

I definitely plan to focus on my diet by increasing my fruit and vegetable intake – something I have been neglecting for a long time.  Being in this industry is tough on our bodies so I am going to listen to my body more and really take the necessary steps for proper recovery.  I am signed up for three marathons this year which will be numbers five, six, and seven for me!

Sammi Stonish

I want to be more mindful of my mind and body. Leading a very active, non-stop lifestyle wears on you, so I plan to focus more on recovery and balance. A big reality check for me this year was learning you can do it all, but you can’t do it all well. I was pushing myself to my breaking point trying to fit everything into a day. This year, I’m going to focus on getting the sleep I need, sticking my self-care regimen, and minimizing stress by saying no before my plate starts to overflow. Part of living life to the fullest is being present in each moment, and balance is key to that.

Jen Horton

I want to practice balance in all aspects of wellness— mind, body, and spirit. I love the high of pushing myself to my limits, but I also need to remember to honor my body and give it the rest it needs. I plan on building strength, tackling new challenges (perhaps a triathlon is in the cards), delighting in my yoga practice, and practicing gratitude regardless of what 2018 brings.

Davanna Law

I am going to seize every opportunity for growth towards becoming a better fitness professional. I want more exploration with nutrition, abstract workouts, and various forms of mediation. Bring it on, 2018!

Colleen Wright

My goal for 2018 is to be more mindful of the little things that make a big difference in both my overall health: drinking enough water, steaming in the morning with my vaporizer, sleeping more, and getting enough vitamins, especially during the cold winter months, can make a big positive impact overall.

Michelle Vandervort

This year is about slowing down and living purposefully.  Things don’t need to be perfect, it is okay to say “no” to events/people that don’t fuel positivity, and not everything needs to be done as fast as possible with the highest intensity (including workouts – FlyBarre and yoga, I am coming for you!)  On the flip side, I’m training for my second Ironman (Whistler in July), and although my top goal is always to cross that finish line, deep down I want to finish FASTER than my first!

Bri Cappellini

My health goals for this year are simple. I want to be happy and confident in my body.  While doing that, I also want to be able to maintain a healthy weight while enjoying myself.  It’s about giving myself a cheat cookie and knowing that my health journey will not come to a screeching halt.  This year is also about the balance of working hard and having fun.  This is a maintainable, realistic goal that I feel I can achieve!

Ali McCall Johnson

My goal is to find myself truly in the present more often. It brings peace and calmness. Much of my day is spent running from one place to the next, and the only place I find myself in the present is on the podium. I challenge myself to take that two-second trip back to the present more frequently.