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New Year, New Challenge: Introducing The FLY PLUS Challenge

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We are thrilled to begin the New Year with THREE exciting challenges:

Flywheel Challenge

  • 4 Flywheel classes per week, 16 classes total
  • Exclusive 28-day meal plan and nutrition consultation for either weight loss or maintenance
  • Optional weekly weigh-ins with instructor coach
  • Kick-off event with nutritional overview and a complimentary Flywheel workshop on how to get the most out of your class

FlyBarre Challenge

  • 4 FlyBarre classes per week, 16 classes total
  • Exclusive 28-day meal plan and nutrition consultation for either weight loss or maintenance
  • Optional weekly measurements with instructor coach
  • Kick-off event with nutritional overview and a complimentary FlyBarre workshop focused on form and alignment

FlyPlus Challenge

  • 3 Flywheel classes & 3 FlyBarre classes per week, 24 classes total
  • Exclusive 28-day meal plan and nutrition consultation for either weight loss or maintenance
  • Optional weekly weigh-ins and/or measurements with instructor coach
  • Kick-off event with nutritional overview, a complimentary Flywheel workshop and a FlyBarre workshop

All challenges will take place over the course of four weeks from Monday, January 26th through Sunday, February 22nd. Each includes classes, an exclusive meal plan from renowned nutritionist and Bestowed Founder Heather Bauer, a 45-minute Flywheel or FlyBarre class workshop to help you get the most out of your classes, and a personal instructor coach to motivate you. And if weight loss is your goal, we will have weekly weigh-ins and/or measurements at each studio. Below you will find additional details.
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On Sunday, January 25th, we’ll host a 90-minute kick-off event at each studio. The event will include an overview of your Challenge, a presentation of the meal plan and nutrition tips from Heather Bauer, and a complimentary 45-minute Workshop to teach you how to get the most out of every class. You will also have the opportunity to meet your instructor coach and have your first weigh-in or measurements taken.
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Your instructor coach will be an instructor who teaches at the studio that is most convenient for you. He or she will be available at the studio for two hours at the same time each week to address questions and assist with your weigh-ins or measurements should you wish to have this done. If you are not able to meet the instructor at the studio at the designated time and you have a question, feel free to coordinate an alternate option with your coach! Your instructor coach will also send an email each week with fitness and nutrition tips.
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Flywheel is thrilled to have Heather Bauer as our Challenge nutritionist. Heather is a registered dietitian and has been teaching busy people how to eat for over 15 years. She is the author of The Wall Street Diet and Bread is the Devil and has active columns on the Huffington Post and USNews. Heather is also the founder of, the best way to discover and shop for healthy food and snacks.
The nutrition component includes:

  • 28 day meal plan with specific recipe, take-out and restaurant suggestions with options for individuals and families
  • Food log
  • Grocery list
  • Weekly nutrition tips
  • Access to nutritionist to address questions via a weekly conference call

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Classes will be available for booking under your account after purchase. We recommend that you take up to 4 classes per week during the challenge if you are participating in the Flywheel or FlyBarre Challenge, and up to 6 classes per week (3 Flywheel and 3 FlyBarre) if you are participating in the Plus Challenge.
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All riders and pulsers are able to take part in the challenge, including unlimited members. For information on pricing, log into your user account online and check out the options under our Buy page.
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Which Challenge is right for me?
Each of our challenges is designed to help you feel and look your best. Both the Flywheel and FlyBarre Challenge have proven to be effective programs with real results. The Flywheel Challenge is optimal for those looking to burn calories, increase endurance and improve cardiovascular health. The FlyBarre Challenge is optimal for those looking to tone and sculpt, improve core strength, and increase muscular stamina. Past participants in the Flywheel Challenge have seen significant weight loss while participants in the FlyBarre Challenge have seen drastic inches lost. However, the two methods complement each other and when combined, produce an overall body transformation. Therefore, we are offering a combination Challenge, The FlyPlus Challenge, for the first time ever!

How do I purchase?
You can purchase each of the Challenges on our Buy page.

What If I am an unlimited member and want to participate in the Challenge?
You can participate by purchasing the appropriate FlyBarre Challenge or Flywheel Challenge Membership Add-on package on the buy page. The membership add-on fee is $100.

What if I am an unlimited Flywheel or FlyBarre monthly Member, but I want to participate in the PlusChallenge?
You can upgrade your membership to a PLUS membership (which includes both Flywheel and FlyBarre) and then purchase the Challenge Add-on for your region. The membership add-on fee is $100.

What If I am a student and want to participate in the Challenge?
At this time we are not offering student discounts on the Challenge. Normal rates apply. If you are in a region that has student monthly memberships and you have one, you are able to pay the membership add-on fee of $100 to participate in the Challenge.

What If I can’t attend the kick-off event on January 25th?
If you can’t make the kick-off event, we’ll distribute the nutrition plan via email and provide one alternative date and time for both Flywheel and FlyBarre workshops. You will also have the time to meet with your instructor coach at an alternate time.

What is included in the Flywheel and FlyBarre workshop?
The Flywheel workshop is a 45-minute in-studio class that covers bike setup, positions, the arms sequence, and drills that will make you sweat. The class will help you become more efficient on the bike and is great for beginners and more advanced riders. The FlyBarre workshop is a 45-minute condensed version of the standard 60-minute class, which provides an overview of the proper form and alignment for some of the most common FlyBarre exercises. You’ll leave with personalized tips to work more efficiently and achieve the best results in class.

What is included in the nutrition component of the Challenge?
Our nutrition component includes an overview from Bestowed Founder Heather Bauer at the kick-off event on January 25th, as well as two extensive 28-day meal plans for both weight loss and maintenance grocery list, recipes, and access to nutritionist to address questions via a weekly conference call.

Who will track my results?
You will have a booklet to help you track your results each week, and our instructor coaches and studio managers will also keep track of your progress at our studios.

Do I have to be weighed or measured?
We encourage you to track your progress by being weighed or measured to help keep you motivated, but its completely optional and up to you. Either way, you will feel great after the Challenge!

Is there early booking?
There is no early booking for Challenge classes. Our booking window opens Sundays at 5pm for the week through the following Monday. We recommend trying to book your weekly classes at 5pm on Sundays to ensure you get into the classes of your choice on your favorite bike or mat!

Can I choose my own classes each week*?
You can book any classes on the schedule you wish to each week and can adjust your classes as needed through the website. *Reserved bikes or mats may be cancelled without penalty by 5PM the day before the scheduled ride at under My Account. Each ride not cancelled by the 5PM deadline will result in forfeiture of one ride from the Series.

What if I don’t use all of my classes/do I have to take all of the recommended classes each week?
In the event that you’re traveling or something comes up during the Challenge and you are unable to use all credits, they will expire one week after the challenge on Saturday, February 28th. Our weekly class recommendations are to help you get the best results possible, but you can always adjust your schedule as needed.
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FlyBarre isn’t just for women.
“As a former college football player used to lifting 200-300 pounds, I couldn’t believe what pulsing with two to three pounds could do to the body! The [FlyBarre Challenge] is what I needed to get over the hump of becoming marginally proficient in this newfound conditioning program.  At some point, I’d expect to see more men involved with FlyBarre!  It develops a core that’s central to everything you do.” Read the full story here.

Flywheel gives you confidence.
“At week four, a colleague I hadn’t seen in a while was looking for me in the office and happened to walk right past me. I had to call out her name so she would see me. She said I was unrecognizable and asked what I was doing. This reenergized and made me extremely proud of what I had accomplished at that point of the FlyBarre Challenge and I knew I had to keep pushing. I pulsed my way to the end, losing a total of 17.3 inches.”  Read the full story here.

Flywheel gives you the final push.
“Heather Bauer’s nutrition plan significantly changed the way I eat and approach food. I lost a total of seven pounds on the program and saw my mid-section (which has always been my problem area) flatten tremendously. The Challenge was the push I needed to help me hit a total weight loss of 55 pounds throughout my weight loss and fitness journey…” Read Tonian’s story here.

Flywheel has numerous health benefits.
“Five months and 50 Flywheel classes later… not only have I lost 21 pounds,  but I’ve lowered both my blood pressure and cholesterol. I find myself having more energy throughout the day, and I am sleeping better at night. The benefits of incorporating Flywheel into my routine have impacted my efforts to make healthy food choices as well. I’ve also included a few weight-training sessions a week and have proudly added ‘shop for new clothes that fit’ to my to-do list.”  Read the full story here.

“Down 5.2 pounds first week – I guess you have to pay attention to nutrition – limiting refined carbs made me one cranky lady but this is the result, I’ll take it!”

“I got up today feeling good and made it to class. As soon as we started my legs felt like lead. But I kept going. Halfway through class I decided that I was just going to get 200 total points and then I wound up getting 224! Boom!”

“I am also motivated by energy….which is hard for me to explain.  The energy the instructors put out into the room propels me to make it through the rest of the day. When we are in sport doing the mountain climber and you get down in the middle of the room and smack the floor to the beat of the music……THAT is what motivates me. I feed off energy and try to keep mine up at all times. This is why I love the challenge. It helps me find natural, healthy, energy that sustains me throughout the day.”

“Finally starting to feel like an athlete again! I was in beastmode for the start of the last week of the #flywheelchallenge”

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What you eat is just as important as how much or how fast you ride. The Flywheel Challenge Nutrition Plan created by Heather Bauer RD, CND, was specifically designed to fuel your rides and keep you satisfied over the next four weeks. Here, we’ve gathered the answers to your pressing nutrition questions. Remember, active Flywheel Challenge participants may email their instructor coaches with their nutrition questions directly, or share via Facebook, twitter or instagram with the hashtag #FlywheelChallenge. We want to hear from you!

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“Ever since I found this love of fitness…I have physically transformed! I am down 65 pounds from my highest weight ever. I even ran a half-marathon this past fall! The endurance I’ve gained from cycling made this possible.” Read this amazing story here.


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