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New Metrics. More Features. Better Results.

By November 2, 2018 November 5th, 2018 No Comments

At Flywheel, we’re all about performance metrics to help you reach your personal goals. Now, there are even MORE ways to track your progress in your Flywheel Sports app for Studio and On Demand classes! 

Insights into your class performance

Our updates allow you to view your performance throughout the entire class! Graphs of your current, RPM, and Torq show your minute-by-minute variability, providing you insight into your peaks and valleys.

In addition to the core Fly metrics, we display your average and max watts to help you better understand your power output and compare your indoor and outdoor rides.

For FlyBarre and FlyFIT classes, we also provide an estimated calorie burn.



Track your heart rate and get in the zone

Flywheel classes incorporate interval training. If you’re wearing a heart rate monitor, you can see how your heart rate changes as you’re pushing yourself to the max or in a recovery period. You’ll be able to see the percentage of time you spend in each of the 5 HR zones and how your heart rate fluctuates based on your output. In our classes, you’ll usually find yourself fluctuating between moderate and maximum zones.

Studio riders require Apple Watch for heart rate data. On Demand users require Apple Watch or a standard Bluetooth heart rate monitor.




Better your bests

We know you love to compete with YOU. Now you’ll get notifications when you break your personal records and see all your PRs in one view. Better yet? Share your PRs with your friends to celebrate your wins.  





For more information, check out FAQs.
*Features available on iOS. Android coming soon.