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New Bikes. A Next-Level Ride.

By May 18, 2017 No Comments

We thought it was time to take your ride to the next level… and our new, high performance bikes are serious game-changers. We’re rolling them out in NYC and the Hamptons this summer, and over the next year in studios nationwide.


Powered by your energy: You pedal. The bike powers on. No wires needed.

A smoother ride: This reduces impact on your joints and contributes to a more natural ‘riding’ feel. The bike moves with you.

Consistent calibration: No more ‘easy’ or ‘hard’ bikes. They all feel the same.

Front-and-center TechPack: Easily view your stats in second or third position.

More customizable: In addition to a new adjustable handlebar reach (i.e., forward and back), there are more options within existing settings (handlebar height, seat height, and seat distance) to ensure your best form.

Enhanced design: There are two water bottle holders and the placement of the holders makes it much easier to hydrate as you FLY.


With new bikes comes—you guessed it—new settings. As always, a FLY Team member will be available to help you adjust your bike accordingly. Once you’re set up, be sure to save your settings online or on the Flywheel Sports app!

Here are some helpful tips:

Seat height: The seat should align at hip-level. Your seat should be at a height that allows for no greater than a 5-degree bend of your knee when it’s extended.

Seat distance: When your feet are at 3 and 9 o’clock, the front of your kneecap on your forward leg (at 3 o’clock) should be directly above the ball of your foot.

Handlebar height: Find a comfortable setting for you, but make sure it’s no lower than your bike seat and no higher than the last number etched into the bike.

NEW! Handlebar reach: The handlebars should be positioned so that your arms reach comfortably with a slight bend in the elbow