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Never Giving Up: Charley Novack’s NYC FLY Story

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Many teens spend their summer chilling at the beach or relaxing by the pool. But 17-year-old Charley Novack worked his butt off on a Flywheel bike, and found that his new active lifestyle paid off well into the school year. Read on for his story!

Living across the street from Flywheel’s Upper East Side studio, I’m used to seeing people walking out sweaty and smiling. A little over a year ago, I started to wonder, what was going on behind those silver doors? At the time, I stayed active by playing sports outside and working out at a local gym. But when the gym closed down for good, I started to put on weight, and I knew I needed to find something new. Soon, I found myself walking through those silver doors.

My first class was Cedric Green’s 6:00AM #DawnPatrol ride in August 2014. It was amazing, and I couldn’t wait to go again! I continued to FLY throughout that summer, squeezing in a ride before heading to work as a counselor at Basketball City. I was hooked – not only did Flywheel make me feel less stressed out, but I also started to lose weight. As I geared up to start my junior year (a.k.a., the hardest year), I felt prepared to take on the heavy workload because of what I learned at Flywheel: Never Give Up. It’s even become my personal motto.

I’ve been improving my rides ever since last summer. I’ll never forget the first week that I took three classes. After one of them, my favorite instructor Alison Cohen said, “You are a beast!” That gave me the confidence to try my first FLY60, which was challenging, but I’m so glad I did it. Before a ride, Alison and I have a quick pep talk to plot my goals; she motivates me, keeps me accountable, and pushes me to the next level. When I hit my first 400, she said, “Next week, 430.” And I made it happen. I love knowing that, with Flywheel, there’s always room for improvement and new goals to strive toward.

In addition to my physical transformation (30 lbs., gone!) Flywheel has significantly impacted my academic performance. I’m less nervous about upcoming assignments and exams and feel more relaxed throughout the day. As my Power scores go up, so do my grades. I’ve even cleaned up my diet and eat healthier meals at school, and I feel better than I ever have before.

To my fellow teens: if you’re thinking of trying Flywheel, just do it! You’ll love it from the moment you step into class, and if you believe in yourself, you’ll accomplish your goals and become part of the very special #FLYFam. I have to thank all the club coordinators, studio managers, and most importantly the long list of instructors (Alison, Wendy, Alex, Darryl, Bree, Mario, Kara B., Natalie C., and so many more!) who have supported me on my journey.



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