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NBC5 Meteorologist Cheryl Scott talks Fitness and Flywheel

By August 21, 2014 May 26th, 2017 No Comments

If there’s anyone who can talk about how Flywheel has taken the Windy City by storm, it’s NBC5’s meteorologist Cheryl Scott. The weekend weatherwoman not only knows how to navigate the forecast, but she’s also a seasoned athlete from Brown University and an avid Flywheel rider at our Gold Coast studio. To celebrate our three-year anniversary at Gold Coast, we asked Cheryl to tell us how she found Flywheel and what keeps her coming back for more:

You look amazing! Prior to Flywheel, how did you stay fit and active?
Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been into sports (most likely from growing up with two older brothers!) I played soccer, ran track, and danced when I was teenager. I become competitive as a sprinter while in high school, and was recruited to run for Division 1 at Brown University. I joined the team in 2003 and ran all four years. I believe that I, as well as a few of my teammates, am still on Brown University’s T&F top ten record board!


Post college, how did you stay fit?
After college, I resorted to my own workouts and recreational sports to stay active and in shape. Unfortunately, during the summer of 2012, I ruptured my Achilles during a game of soccer. As most know, this is a serious injury and takes a long time to recover from so I had to say goodbye to hard, good workouts for a bit. After this setback, I tried to stay positive and always kept the mentality that I would get back on my feet and back in action as quickly as I could. Two years later, I found Flywheel and it has now become a huge part of my workout routine being that running is still a challenge.

How did you find Flywheel?
I was in search of a good cardio workout because running and interval sprinting was too hard on my Achilles. I started researching alternative methods and came across Flywheel through a friend. After my first class, I was addicted! It’s an amazing, challenging, fun workout.

What is your favorite thing about Flywheel?
The instructors! They are talented, awesome coaches who care about every person in each class. They push us to our limits and inspire us to reach our full potential. I can’t say I have a favorite instructor, but a shout out to Tracy Chudnow and Candy Morales (also knows as 105!) is necessary!

How has Flywheel impacted you?
Flywheel is a full body workout. It’s not just cycling. You race, you climb, you fly! In just 45 minutes, you get an amazing cardio workout that truly works every muscle in your body.

Flywheel has been such a great option for me. I love the thrill of a great challenge and race, and since I can’t run or sprint that hard anymore, I now have a new way to FLY!