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Natalie Cohen: November #FlyFam Feature

By November 21, 2019 No Comments

November is all about gratitude and community. This month, we’re featuring our instructors to speak about why the #FLYFAM is important to them.

Meet Natalie Cohen, a Master Flywheel Instructor in New York City!

When did you start teaching at Flywheel and what brought you to the company?

Nearly ten years ago.  Flywheel acquired a cycling studio where I was teaching- these were the Upper East Side and East Hampton locations.

What do you love about the Flywheel community?

The dedication and commitment both on and off the bike.  Our community goes well beyond the ride.  We celebrate birthdays, engagements, milestones in and out of the studio.  We are also there for each other during the tough times, too.  We are a true family.

How has Flywheel made an impact on your life outside of the studio?

I would not be the person I am without flywheel.  I am more confident, stronger and healthier.  Most importantly a rider set me up with my husband.  If not for flywheel I would not have my friends, husband or twin boys!!!

What’s one thing that makes your class unique?

I remember everyone’s name, what songs they like, and what songs they don’t like.  Depending on who’s riding that day we change it up, if everyone likes to work harder and vice versa.  I do not change my class based on time slot or studio.  I challenge everyone equally and feel that my music offers something for everyone.  You may not like every song, but you will get a great workout and make a few new friends.

What was it like when you first began to have ride-or-die clients?

It was and is amazing.  I still have riders who were with me when I had under five people in my class over a decade ago.  The five became ten then twenty and then the community became what it is today.  These riders are my heart.  I have been teaching dawn patrol for so long I can’t remember ever not. I haven’t slept in two decades.

What’s something that you’ve learned from the Flywheel community?

I’ve learned the importance of kindness.  Everyday I see all different types of people coming together to cheer each other on.  I have a rider who rides her ass off and she was about to get her first 300! The whole class got off their bike to cheer her on for that last minute.  She got it!!  Best day of my flywheel career.

Teaching class outside of NYC, what did you enjoy about that experience?  

Meeting new people.  It’s always amazing to hear new stories about how Flywheel has changed someone’s life.

Whose class are you dying to take?

Ashli Katz fit class- I love precision training, or Denise Duffy in Charlotte.  Denise has been running the fitness game for years!!  And Ashli…. have you seen her Instagram…. need I say more?

How has the Flywheel community grown or evolved since you’ve started teaching?

It has only gotten stronger.  We have riders visiting from other regions, as well as at home riders.  It’s amazing to meet a complete stranger yet feel like you’ve known them for years.

What’s one word to describe your feelings towards the FlyFam?