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“My mental transformation is greater than any number on the scale.”

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We first discovered Scarsdale rider Kelly Gomez through her inspiring instagram posts, where she constantly posted photos of her incredible weight loss journey. What caught our eye, was her shout-out to Flywheel for giving her the strength and motivation to finally make a change in her life. We immediately wanted to hear more.  Here she shares the story on how Flywheel helped her overcome a personal loss and a lifetime struggle with her weight. 

In high school, I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. At the time, I wasn’t able to see beyond the known side effects, and accepted the “fact” that as a result of PCOS, I would always be overweight and unhealthy. Like so many others, I had gained and lost weight the past, but never really found an effective lifestyle that I could maintain for the long haul.

About a year ago, I had two miscarriages in a short period of time. Although my doctor never attributed my weight as the cause, I took this as a wake-up call to get my health in check. I knew I needed to get serious so that when I was ready to start trying for a family again, I would feel confident and ready to carry out a healthy pregnancy. At my highest weight I was 225 pounds and standing at 5′ tall, that was morbidly obese.

I felt depressed after the news of my second miscarriage, and decided to focus my energy on bettering myself. I joined Weight Watchers, started going to a local gym and did a “Couch to 5K” running program. After my favorite cycling instructor from the local gym left, I explained to her that I was struggling. I wasn’t feeling as encouraged in class, and there was no emphasis on weights. I was also frustrated because depending on the cycling instructor; the impact of the workout was different each time. That’s when she told me that she swears by cycling at Flywheel. I immediately went to check out a class with her.

My first Flywheel experience was amazing. The entire staff made me feel welcome from the moment I walked in the door and my instructor had great energy. I realized then that in order to reach my weight loss goal, I needed high impact classes such as Flywheel.

These days, I try to get to Flywheel at least once a week and believe it or not, that one class profoundly impacts the rest of my workout routine. All week, I look forward to my Flywheel ride and to those 45 minutes on the bike. One main reason I keep going back for more is my instructor, Eve. I take her class because I know I am guaranteed a good ride! She always has a wonderful and diverse playlist, makes sure we set an intention for the class and always shares motivating quotes during class that make me feel like I can conquer anything. The TorqBoard pushes me to have a higher power score each time I ride.

In the past, I used to turn to food after a rough day at work, but now I make smarter choices. I work too hard in my 45-minute ride! I don’t want to throw it all away with an unhealthy binge. Throughout the week, I remind myself of the intention I sent in Eve’s class, and allow that to carry me through to my next ride.

Ever since I found this love of fitness, combined with eating well with Weight Watchers, I have physically transformed! I am down 65 pounds from my highest weight ever. I even ran a half-marathon this past fall! The endurance I’ve gained from cycling made this possible.

My mental transformation, however, is greater than any number on the scale. I am no longer depressed and I am both physically and mentally stronger.

I am finally in the mindset where I am ready to start trying to get pregnant again and now that as I continue with Flywheel, I will be able to reach that goal and have a healthy pregnancy. I am confident now that I am going to get the future I want because I am working on myself.


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