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#MondayMotivation: How Rider Renee Shemesh Finds Joy

By May 1, 2017 May 10th, 2017 No Comments

Every Monday, instructor Emily Burkhardt sets out to interview members of the FLY community–from instructors, to staff members, to riders. What does Flywheel mean to them? And how do they find joy in their day-to-day? This week, meet rider Renée Shemesh.


Renee is a huge part of the Flywheel Astor Place community. You can always find her crushing it front row, or in the lobby motivating other riders. Her energy is infectious and that’s why I want to share it with YOU! Renee was just featured on the Flywheel Blog writing about how the Flywheel challenges have helped change her life. The Fly challenges really do push your body to the limit and show your mind that you are stronger than you think you are.

Renee has done it all – from losing weight, to gaining strength, and to becoming a huge part of the Fly community. Read her story:

What first brought you to Flywheel?

When I graduated college, I was beginning to add more workouts into my schedule for after work. I saw a post on Instagram for Flywheel so I decided to try it out. I have never tried spinning before and I have an ankle injury so I was really nervous about trying it out. Right when I walked into the studio I was greeted by the Flywheel staff and I felt immediately comfortable. I was walked through all of the positions and how the bike works in general with the tech pack before the class began. After my first ride, I knew Flywheel was the place for me and immediately became a FLY member.

What do you do? 

I am a Catalog Manager at Ticket Evolution.

How does Flywheel make you feel?

Before I started Flywheel, I didn’t feel well both physically and emotionally. I was stressed out from adapting to the post-grad life. I knew I was gaining weight, I started feeling very uncomfortable, and I was feeling down that it had increased my anxiety. I felt like I needed a change and push in my life to assist me in being happier and more comfortable in my body. Now, when I walk into Flywheel, everything that I mentioned goes away. I always sit in the front row. And the second the lights go down, I get into my zone and I know it’s me, my bike, my instructor, and the music blasting in my ears that’s guiding me through. After class is over, I walk out of the studio with a smile on my face every time…I feel invincible, powerful, and more confident than ever. To this day, I still remember my first Flywheel class with BEN T. and I have been attached ever since. I’m there every day before or after work–it’s seriously my second home.

What does living a healthy lifestyle mean to you?

Definitely enjoying life to the fullest, being the happiest you can be, and maintaining a healthy, balanced diet. I have come a long way from when I first began my journey and I have a great support system to help me achieve my goals, passions, and dreams.

What brings you joy?

Flywheel Astor does!! I always come to the studio about 45 minutes before class begins to be able to chat with the FlyAstor employees and instructors. I developed a special bond with all of them and it adds something special to my workouts! I also made a lot of new friends that I met during the FLY challenges and just seeing them for a few times in the same class time, hey Arianna and Natalie! I have also brought many of my best friends to Fly with me at Astor (special shout out to Casey, Asaf, Gil, Allen, Ariel, Adam, and Ben!) and it is the best feeling knowing my best friend is on that bike next to me striving for the same goal. It shows we really are in it together. I am so lucky to have their support at all times. Fly Astor instructors Emily Burkhardt, Sergei Deych, Cedric Green, and Ben Thompson have been motivating me and supporting me from day one of my journey and I am extremely thankful and honored for the joy that they bring me! It is the most comforting feeling. They are amazing role models and have been assisting me towards a better lifestyle. I really couldn’t have asked for anything better. Thank YOU Flywheel for bringing me joy!

Take this inspiration and run with it!

If you are interested in finding out more informations about our challenges, please reach out to me! I am one of the National coaches and we are starting another challenge on next Monday, April 24th!!

Peace & Love,