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#MondayMotivation: How Facilities Coordinator David Lopez Finds Joy

By March 20, 2017 May 15th, 2017 No Comments

Every Monday, instructor Emily Burkhardt sets out to interview members of the FLY community–from instructors, to staff members, to riders. What does Flywheel mean to them? And how do they find joy in their day-to-day? This week, meet Lincoln Square’s Facilities Coordinator, David Lopez.


Happy Monday! I am VERY excited to share this week’s Monday Motivation.

Lincoln Square is a very special studio to me. The staff will always say it’s party time when I walk in to teach my 10:30am classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The energy is infectious, and you can feel it through all of the riders.

Lincoln Square’s Facilities Coordinator, David Lopez is a part of this team and he has been with Flywheel since the beginning. Everything that  comes out of his mouth inspires me. Our conversations always leave me with a big smile on my face. Truly infectious.

Last week David and I were talking about how much we love Flywheel and our riders/pulsers, and it hit me…. I MUST do a Monday Motivation article on David. He has been through so many exciting changes with Flywheel, and I knew his answers would inspire the Fly community. Here is what he had to say:

What first brought you to Flywheel?

I was attending school at the time and I was looking for a new job. My dad found out about an opening for  the facilities department in a company called Flywheel. I remember asking him “what’s Flywheel?” and he replied it’s a growing cycling studio–it was a wrap! I started working June of 2011 on a Saturday morning at the Upper East Side…I remember that day like it was yesterday. I remember being nervous not knowing what to expect meeting new people. I quickly realized, Flywheel is a community of riders who know each other. Taking a class is a part of their day so I made it a priority to be part of it.

Tell us about your role at Flywheel.

The riders and pulsers  set the tone at the studios. There are multiple personalities, different vibes, and various types of energy. Some are outgoing, quiet, or shy, and I like dealing with all type of people. I’m friends with the riders. It has gotten to a point where we talk about our lives and share our daily experiences. It makes me feel good when I cross paths with a rider outside of Flywheel and we can walk and talk just like if we were at the studio. It’s something I built and I’m very proud of it.

For me, it’s critical that I get to know new riders/pulsers who walk in the studio, so I make the first move and introduce myself immediately. It all starts with “good morning” to introduce them to the Flywheel experience.

There are so many instructors who are all so different. Despite their differences, everyone is striving for the same thing–to give their riders and pulsers a positive and energizing 45 minutes. When we are helping to load a class, we take the time to help riders set up their bikes, fix the pedals, and provide support so they feel comfortable and excited to take class. The same thing goes for the FlyBarre studio. You can catch me there giving the pulsers their weights and guiding them to their mats. Sometimes we don’t realize how much happens in a short amount of time between classes. It’s all about teamwork.

How does Flywheel make you feel?

Flywheel has been like a second home to me for the last six years.  We have come a long way from what it used to be and I’m very happy I got to the experience it all from the start. When I started, I was a 21-year-old kid and I have matured and grown so much at Flywheel. Every time I open the studio I prepare myself for the day. I’m already thinking about who’s coming in today, and how I get to meet new people. I can’t wait to see the regulars. It can be the smallest thing, but I love helping people out and knowing that I created a positive experience for a rider or pulser. To be honest I have a lot of friends here, and it’s fun! I mean I work hard, joke, and laugh a lot – it’s a good, well-rounded package.

What does living a healthy lifestyle mean to you?

I have to say a healthy lifestyle to me  is all about balance. Variation of activities to keep a healthy lifestyle, like working hard to play hard. If you’re a person that works hard then you should enjoy the benefits of it, meaning you should enjoy life too. If it’s going out on a trip, vacation, or buying yourself something you really want. Also to live a healthy lifestyle you have to sleep and rest. With all that I do in one day, I take time to reset.

What brings you joy?

Joy is what you want it to be. My family brings me joy–there would be no David if it wasn’t for my family, and I have to thank them for it, especially my parents. I want to make them proud. My siblings and loved ones also fill me with joy.  I always carry in the back of my head the thought that people look up to you and what you do affects others.

Working brings me joy, and I love to be moving around, trying knew things, and learning everyday. It’s a joy when you go home and can say I learned a new skill today, that’s what it’s all about.

I love food, and an empty stomach would ruin my day.

My passion for sports is off the roof, especially for New York teams. It’s a sense of joy when your team is winning and being productive…it sparks up the city. It also creates memories with friends when your team is winning.

Speaking of friends, it makes me feel good when I see them doing their thing. When their successful achieving and actually doing the things they want to do in life.

Basically what I’m trying to say is anything I’m doing and enjoying at the moment brings me joy. Sometimes you have to make fun happen even if you aren’t truly enjoying something.

As David would say – “Work hard, but play harder!”

Have a fabulous week, FLYfam!

Peace & Love,

Emily Burkhardt