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Meet the Winner of The Second Annual Flywheel Challenge

By February 5, 2014 No Comments

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Shannon Sharpe and Flywheel Challenge Winner, Daniel Chernin

This past weekend, five Flywheel riders from the New York region had the best seats in the house. The NFL House that is. As part of Super Bowl XLVIII weekend, Flywheel set up shop at NFL House Presented by Verizon in Times Square and led classes for guests of the league. The highlight of the weekend was The Second Annual Flywheel Challenge, a 45-minute indoor cycling class featuring celebrities and NFL stars to raise money for NFL’s youth initiatives.  NFL Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe and New York Giants stars David Diehl, Zak DeOssie and Antrel Rolle rode alongside actors Kellan Lutz, Katrina Bowden and Bryan Greenberg.  Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill rode with his wife, Lauren, and seated behind them were sportscasters Bonnie Bernstein and Tracy Wolfson.  This was a ride not to be missed.

As part of our Ride For Super Bowl XLVIII program with the NFL, five lucky winners of the 4800 Challenge were selected to participate in this event.  Daniel Chernin (Millburn), Jaclyn Magliato (Englewood), Matt Pisano (Flatiron), Alix Lerner (Upper East Side) and Harold Varah (Upper West Side) were able to ride alongside their favorite stars.  They each achieved a minimum of 4800 Power Points during the month of January.

While Shannon Sharpe took home the belt last year, it was Millburn rider Daniel Chernin who took home the top prize in this year’s Challenge.  Followed closely behind was New York City’s own Matt Pisano.  Needless to say, we were impressed!

Meet The Flywheel Challenge Winner, Daniel Chernin:

You just beat a group of incredible athletes in The Flywheel Challenge—how does that feel?
Incredible! I never thought I would have the honor to compete with such amazing athletes and wining was just the icing on the cake! 

How often do you take class at Flywheel?
I usually ride 3-4 times a week with my wife. We love it. She got me hooked about a year and half ago and I’ve been Fly’ing ever since.

What kept you motivated throughout the class?
The desire to win and come out on top against ridiculous odds. Plus, when I saw the belt, I knew my kids would love it so I had to win it!

So, where are you going to keep your Flywheel Belt?
I sleep with it! It’s on me 24/7! Until Zak, Shannon or another Flywheel rider beats me for it next year! 

Meet our runner-up, Matthew Pisano:

You just beat a group of incredible athletes—how does that feel?
I think that it is great for Flywheel that there are ambassadors for the company like Shannon Sharpe and Troy Aikman who ride regularly and promote the brand. It was a very exciting event and it was just an honor to be a part of it and represent Flywheel. I was eager to see how I would stack up against these amazing athletes. To get a higher score than these world-class athletes is really the reward for all the hard work I put in each class, but I was mostly excited for my instructors who have gotten me into shape and have motivated me to be able to perform at that level. Shannon Sharpe can have a rematch anytime!

How often do you take class at Flywheel?
I try to get to Flywheel 4 – 6 times a week, and I try to mix in one FlyBarre class a week. All of the instructors are fantastic, but some of my favorites are Jesse, Chris, Jaimie, Danny, Alison, Grant, Kari, and Shay. They make every class a wonderful experience and put so much effort into their work – they make it very difficult to stop coming to class!

What kept you motivated throughout the class?
The entire event was to support NFL Play 60 to try to get kids outside and active for at least 60 minutes a day, which is a great initiative run by the NFL. Personally, I was also riding for the Get in the Ring foundation (founded by boxer and Brooklyn native, Danny Jacobs) to raise awareness and funds to knockout childhood obesity, cancer, and bullying. This was enough motivation to push me through the class and achieve a high score. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that title belt was pretty cool, too, and it would have been nice to win as well.

All in all, the entire event was an amazing experience. Flywheel does such a fantastic job day-to-day at the individual studios that it doesn’t really surprise me that it was such a wonderful day. All the participants were truly great people that I am lucky to have had the chance to meet and ride with. I am looking forward to the next one!

Flywheel Master Instructor Danielle Devine-Baum kept riders motivated with this awesome NFL Challenge playlist. Listen to it now on spotify.