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Meet The Instructors of Flywheel Sunnyvale

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We’re noticing a trend out in Sunnyvale, California… the city known as Yahoo! headquarters, is not only a Bicycle Friendly Community, but also home of one our our most recently opened Flywheel studios.  And it’s getting some buzz. We once overheard that the instructors at Sunnyvale “push you beyond your plateau and leave you a hot, sweaty mess.”  Sound like your kind of workout? Meet our team of plateau-crushing instructors who share their favorite workout songs, the funniest moments they’ve experienced while teaching and more.


My playlist go-to:  “Roar” by Katy Perry
My playlists:  Well, I always start with a Taylor Swift song… kidding! I really try to pick music that everyone with different tastes will enjoy. But I seriously do love T Swift, so she often makes a cameo on my playlist.
What I love about teaching: Motivating other people! We’re all born with beautiful bodies- arms, legs, lungs and I love reminding people how blessed they are to be able to move and use them!
Pre + Post #FLYFuel:  Before my morning classes, I have steel-cut oats topped with honey and blueberries.  When I teach in the afternoon or evening, I have a green tea soy misto and a Larabar to fuel my ride. Post class, I always grab the All Hail Kale salad from Veggie Grill. You must try it!
How I freshen up after class:  I prioritize refueling my body before I can think about how sweaty I am. vitaminwater please!
When I’m not at Flywheel…  I’m outside! I am usually training for a marathon or a triathlon. I also love yoga and healthy cooking.
5 Things on my bucket list:

  1. Start my own company
  2. Go on a hot air balloon ride
  3. Visit all 59 National Parks
  4. Live abroad
  5. Have my own garden

My guilty pleasure:  I am a cereal monster. I love cereal. Sometimes, I would rather have a bowl (or six) of Honey Bunches of Oats instead of ice cream!
My mantra: “Ain’t nothin’ to it but to do it!”

My playlist go-to:  “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars
My playlists:   My song criteria is simple: If I can dance to it and it makes me push myself like never before, it’s a go!  I’m also a DJ, so I know how to pick songs that will get a crowd moving.
What I love about teaching: Seeing my dedicated 6:00 am riders – now that’s how you start a morning!
Pre + Post #FLYFuel Besides coffee?…Coffee. Or an apple and a banana. After class, I always head to Whole Foods.
The funniest thing that has happened in my class so far:  I almost totally face planted on the handle bars of the bike because I missed the holster when placing the weights back after the arm sequence. That was a close one!
How I freshen up after class:  I change out of my sweaty clothes and a rehydrate with fresh cold water.
When I’m not at Flywheel…  I’m dancing.
5 Things on my bucket list:

  1. Dance for 10,000 people
  2. DJ for 10,000 people
  3. Jump out of a plane 10,000 feet in the air
  4. Travel 10,000 miles in one year
  5. Own my own facility for the arts that can house over 10,000 people

My guilty pleasure:  Chocolate chip cookies.
My mantra: “Dance like everyone is watching.”

My playlist go-to:  Anything  by Taylor Swift or Fall Out Boy
My playlists:  I love sitting down with a cup of coffee and taking time to research new music.
What I love about teaching: Meeting new people and inspiring them to live a more positive, balanced and healthy life.
Pre + Post #FLYFuelIf it’s an early class, I run on coffee, but if I’m teaching later in the day,  I’ll grab a piece of toast or a waffle and top it with peanut butter.  Post-class? Let’s just say I make a bomb breakfast burrito!
How I freshen up after class:  I love that we have face wipes and dry shampoo at the studio. Without them I’m a sweaty, greasy mess.
When I’m not at Flywheel… It’s a good day when I teach a class and catch up on my beach reads.  I also enjoy practicing calligraphy and spending time with friends and family.
5 Things on my bucket list: 

  1. Become a Flywheel Instructor—check!
  2. See the Northern Lights
  3. Go backpacking
  4. Visit Yellowstone
  5. Build my own small company

My guilty pleasure: French fries and beer!
My mantra:  “We are all so much stronger than we think we are.”

My playlist go-to: “Run Boy Run” by Woodkid
My playlists:  I know a good song when I feel it. I choose songs that tend to begin with a heavy beat build, and then break out into craziness!  I take a lot of time to think about what a rider might be feeling at a certain point when I put together my playlists.
What I love about teaching:  The risk. Getting up there on the instructor podium and giving as much of myself as I can day after day makes me feel vulnerable at times, but the reward of seeing my riders progress makes it so worth it.
Pre + Post #FLYFuel I prefer to ride on an empty stomach. I do help myself to plenty of those delicious mints around the studio though!  After class, you can find me raiding the hot food and salad bar at Whole Foods
The funniest thing that has happened in my class so far:  A rider dropped her towel in the middle of class. I threw her a spare one from the podium and it landed perfectly folded right on her handlebars. Everyone was pretty impressed!
When I’m not at Flywheel… I love to read, see live music and eat. I love food!
5 Things on my bucket list:

  1. Eat sushi at Sukiyabashi Jiro in Tokyo
  2. Start a business that I’m proud of
  3. Stay at Gampo Abbey in Nova Scotia, Canada-it’s a meditation retreat center that I’m dying to visit
  4. Hike a large mountain
  5. Run a marathon

My guilty pleasure:  Red wine and binge-watching TV. I don’t feel very guilty about it, but that’s how I indulge.
My mantra:  “Let the thoughts come and go. Just keep pedaling.”

My playlist go-to:   “Geronimo” by Sheppard
My playlists:  My playlist depends on my mood and what I’m currently jamming to at the moment. Bonus if I can find a remix version! To get into my zone, I like to spend a few minutes in the morning visualizing my ride from start to finish.
What I love about teaching: I love that I have the ability to inspire and impact my riders lives and help them hit their goals.
Pre + Post #FLYFuel:   I’m typically not a big eater before a ride, but I do love an almond milk latte, coconut water or freshly pressed green juice to start.  After I teach, I’ll typically eat something low carb/high protein. There’s an In-n-Out Burger near the studio and I’m always game for a protein style burger minus the animal sauce, onions and cheese. I know, I’m a pretty basic guy.
The funniest thing that has happened in my class so far:   I accidentally hit the OFF button on my music during a 60 second race. Whoever said, “Silence is Golden” is just wrong.
When I’m not at Flywheel…  Once you get to know me, you’ll realize that fitness is my life! You’ll probably find me taking fitness classes around the city, teaching bootcamp or training for the AIDS/Lifecycle Ride.
5 Things on my bucket list:

  1. Hike Machu Picchu
  2. Be on a reality TV show such as  Survivor
  3. Road trip across the USA in a RV with my best friends
  4. Compete in a triathlon
  5. Become a lululemon ambassador!

My guilty pleasure:   Doughnuts are my kryptonite! Get me a fresh glazed doughnut that is slightly crispy on the outside and I will pretty much do anything for you.
My mantra:  I truly believe that my life purpose is to use my passion and commitment to inspire and coach others to love and appreciate themselves.

My playlist go-to:  “Wonderful Night” by Fat Boy Slim
My playlists:  I like R&B and rap mixed in with some oldies mashups and EDM. It keep the class super fun, yet challenging at the same time.
What I love about teaching:  I love everything about working at Flywheel especially being part of team with the same goals.
Pre + Post #FLYFuel:   Before class,  I eat cottage cheese and pineapple for an energy boost. After a workout, I like organic raw unsalted walnuts for protein replenishment and I drink tons of water with electrolytes!
The funniest thing that has happened in my class so far:   One night all the lights started flickering on and off about half way through the class due to a bad circuit so I changed the music to EDM for the rest of the ride and we all pretended that we were in “da club” as we finished our ride. Fun times.
When I’m not at Flywheel…  I’m either running the trails of California, taking or teaching yoga or Pilates, but most of the time you can find me having the time of my life with my husband and two children.  
5 Things on my bucket list:

  1. Become an instructor at Flywheel…oh wait cross that one out!
  2. Skydive
  3. Travel farther than Central and South America
  4. Hit the worlds longest zip line The Pronutro in Sun City South Africa
  5. Watch both of my children graduate college

My guilty pleasure:   Frozen yogurt
My mantra:  “It’s perfectly fine to want to quit so long as you don’t.”

My playlist go-to:  “You & Me” by Bassnectar
My playlists:  I choose songs that are usually edgy, current and eclectic!
What I love about teaching:  I love the feeling of camaraderie and support — when those two come together in my class,  it feels like home.
Pre + Post #FLYFuel:   Before class, I have a green vegetable smoothie and rehydrate with water and a piece of fruit.
The funniest thing that has happened in my class so far:   I sweat a lot and very rarely do I teach with makeup on. However, the one time I did,  I was crying black tears and eyelashes were falling off!
How I freshen up after class:   Showering is a must for me after most classes (especially if I have a mascara incident!),  but if Im in a hurry,  I will wash my face, put on fresh clothes and bolt out the door.
When I’m not at Flywheel…  I’m cycling outdoors, training for a marathon, listening to live music and exploring other fitness classes and instructors!
5 Things on my bucket list:

  1. Running with the bulls in Spain
  2. Take professional driving lessons
  3. Sky dive
  4. Take a 6 month road trip across the US
  5. Research family history and travel to every place on my ancestry

My guilty pleasure:  Chocolate
My mantra:  “Push every limit possible and live on the edge.”


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