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This month marks Flywheel Millburn’s four-year anniversary, and since the studio’s opening, remarkable transformations have happened. Not only have riders experienced immense results, but their commitment to their health has also led to meaningful relationships with our instructors, who have also changed along the way. Here, our Millburn FLYfam shares more about their teaching style, what pumps them up to FLY, and their most beloved memories over the years.

My Teaching Schedule: You can ride with me mid-morning. I love it because it’s “after coffee” and everyone is much happier…and that’s including me!
My Pre-Class Routine: I listen to my playlist really loud to get everything else out of my head.
What You Can Expect In My Class: I like to start easy and end with a challenge. I believe in a good warm-up so that you can test the limits for the rest of the ride.
How I Plan My Classes: I’m always listening to music and thinking that’s such a great climb song, flat song, etc. Lately, I’ve been trying out some cool new formats to shake it up a bit!
My Music Style: I’ll play any song that has a really strong beat and makes you want to move. I don’t go for a lot of techno – you’ll hear current hip-hop.
Who Inspires Me: Ruth Zukerman.
My Favorite Flywheel Memory: The one and only Q-Tip was the live DJ for one of my classes on a Friday night and it was insane!
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My Teaching Schedule: I’m known as the “early morning girl.” I love teaching Dawn Patrol classes because the riders always mean business – after all, they wake up at 4:30 AM and don’t want to waste their time! I like to kick their butts so they’re ready to start their day.
What You Can Expect In My Class: Variety! I like hills and high Torq, but it is always nice to mix it up with some sprints. Intervals are the best.
My Music Style: I love all types of music, but I do tend to lean more towards alternative. Coldplay and Needtobreathe are the best.
Who Inspires Me: The riders. They’re all so strong and never give up even when they look exhausted. They keep going right until the end.
My Guilty Pleasure: I love brownies and cupcakes. With the name Candee, of course I have a sweet tooth!
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My Pre-Class Routine: I usually go over my playlist so it’s fresh in my mind. I pre-hydrate and sometimes I’ll do push-ups to get the blood flowing.
What You Can Expect In My Class: I try to make sure I have a variety of RPMs in my playlist but riders can expect at least one song with a heavy Torq to drive those power numbers. I also like a nice sprint to the finish line.
My Music Style: I enjoy a wide range of music genres and generally include one rock and roll song. It’s not uncommon for me to play Calvin Harris and then the Rolling Stones.
The Stars I Would Love To See FLY In The Front Row: Melissa McCarthy because she’s trying to improve herself, and I would love to help her with that. Plus, she makes me laugh. Then, I’d pick Channing Tatum because he’d get hot and take his shirt off. And finally, Mick Jagger because I’ve been in his front row many times. I think it’s time he returns the favor.
On My Days Off You Can Find Me… At the beach with chocolate, red wine and the New York Post.
Who Inspires Me: I’ve had riders going through chemo, some with disabilities, and people who have suffered great family loss. They continue to show up to class and push themselves. If they can do it, what excuse is there for anyone else?
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What I Love Most About Teaching: The riders! I look forward to seeing them each week, hearing about what’s going on in their lives, and sharing stories and goals.
What You Can Expect In My Class: I’m really into intervals. I’ll be heavy on the hills, but the accelerations will be interval-based so the rider can push past their own expectations.
How I Feel After I Teach: Exhilarated! I am an endorphin junkie – that’s probably why I was a competitive swimmer in high school.
Who Inspires Me: My mama. She’s a badass.
My Guilty Pleasures: Margaritas, piña coladas and mudslides. Basically, any frozen alcoholic beverage.
My Go-To Musicians: Rihanna or Beyoncé. If I’m stuck and can’t finish a playlist, one of these girls gets the job done every time!
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My Pre-Class Routine: If I’m teaching in the early morning, I will run through my playlist on my way to class. If I’m teaching in the afternoon, I’ll put some rock or hip-hop to get me pumped.
What You Can Expect In My Class: For a 45-minute class, I go with a format of 10 songs: 4 flats, 3 hills, 2 jogs, and an arm song. For a 60-minute class, I go with a format of 14 songs: 5 flats, 5 hills, 3 jogs, and an arm song.
How I Feel After I Teach: I am thankful for my students choosing to ride with me, I feel accomplished because we achieved our goals as a team, and I feel invigorated by the hard work we all put into class!
My Go-To Musicians: When in doubt, I’ll go for some 80s rock (ACDC or Guns & Roses), Foo Fighters, Kendrick Lamar, or dance remixes from Calvin Harris, Zedd, or Diplo.
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My Teaching Schedule: I teach both Dawn Patrol and evening rides, so I get the privilege of jumpstarting my riders’ day in the morning and helping them release tension after a long day.
What You Can Expect In My Class: I like to incorporate hills for the best overall workout and to enhance performance and results. I am always switching things up – I love a fast climb as well as a steady, slower climb.
Growing Up… I was a cheerleader (shocking, right?) and an avid skier.
The Celebrity I Would Love to FLY With: LeBron James, so I can kick his ass on the bike!
My Favorite Flywheel Memory: Three years ago, a rider came into the studio after undergoing cancer treatment. She was scared and intimidated. I connected with her immediately and brought her into the stadium, set her up on the bike, and she never looked back. She eventually felt confident enough to take more classes, lost weight, and has been a rider ever since!
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My Pre-Class Routine: I get into the zone by listening to my playlist over & over again. I make any last minute changes if needed, and then get ready to kick some ass.
How I Plan My Classes: I base my classes on the music. The routine builds itself as I shuffle songs around and come up with a plan of action.
The Celebrity I Would Love to FLY With: I’m going with fit power couple Jessica Biel (Timberlake) & Justin Timberlake! You always see them working out together so having them in class and on the TorqBoard could be a lot of fun. Plus, they both look amazing!
My Guilty Pleasure: Cake, cake, cake, cake!
My Favorite Flywheel Memory: The week before I was getting married, Flywheel Millburn showed me nothing but love. They wished me luck and showered me with gifts. I can’t thank everyone enough!
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My Pre-Class Routine: I play upbeat music. Knowing that everyone has some struggles in their daily lives, it is my intention that people leave class feeling better than when they came in. It’s usually the music that helps people escape for 45 minutes.
My Music Style: I love fun, current top radio hits. And throwbacks are in every playlist I make.
Growing Up… I was obsessed with gymnastics. I competed until my senior year in high school. I also ran track and did the high jump.
My Guilty Pleasure: Pizza, pasta, chips and salsa are my weaknesses!
My Favorite Flywheel Memory: Any time someone tells me that my ride left them feeling inspired or helped them in some way.
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