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Meet Our FLY Anywhere Instructors

By December 8, 2017 No Comments

Our ten FLY Anywhere instructors are already rockstars in studios nationwide. Now, invite them into your home for tap backs and Torq! Read on to learn more about their teaching styles and how they’ll help you FLY for results, anywhere.

Danielle Devine-Baum, Master Instructor, Flywheel NYC
I’m all about connecting to music while feeling empowered and energized. I push riders to their limits (and beyond) while supporting and lifting them as we get stronger together.

Aleah Stander, Master Instructor, Flywheel Dallas
I’m a no-nonsense coach who teaches a straightforward, athletic, and highly challenging ride. It’ll push you to new limits, while motivating you to discover your inner athlete.

Victor Self, Master Instructor, Southern California
I challenge you to get comfortable being uncomfortable. What we’ll do together won’t be easy BUT it’ll be worth it!

Alison Cohen, Master Instructor, Flywheel NYC
I teach a challenging ride that incorporates higher Torq and little recovery. Expect long, frequent intervals to have you feeling like you got the most out of your workout!

Kyle Axman, Flywheel NYC
My rides are a big party with a fun, euphoric playlist. I deliver the badass athleticism, power, and authority that allow you to leave your comfort zone and get breathless.

Jen Percival, Flywheel NYC
I believe that fitness can be challenging AND fun. We often do our best work when we’re enjoying (and singing) along to the activity we’re doing.

Emily Fayette, Flywheel NYC
I use my energy and positivity to encourage, and push my riders to their max. I want them to go past their comfort zone and really see what they are made of.

Dionna Littleton, Flywheel NYC
It’s all about the journey, never the destination. Push past your uncertainty and realize your inner badass is right there. You just need to change your mindset to find it.

Gina Racz, Master Instructor, Flywheel NYC and Millburn
From the first track to the last, I’m your biggest cheerleader but will pull a little more out of you. A no-drama, all-work attitude means everything!

Adam Wasserman, Flywheel NYC
We are so much stronger than we think we are. The answer is always, ‘Yes, I can.’