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May Rider and Pulser of the Month

By June 22, 2015 May 26th, 2017 No Comments

Meet Anna Grace Slifko and Joyce Chung, our May rider and pulser of the month, respectively. Both women found Flywheel and FlyBarre when they were searching for a new place to unwind, focus and sweat the stresses of being a student and an investment banker away.  Learn more about Anna Grace and Joyce and don’t forget to submit your own story for June!

Anna Grace Slifko, Flywheel Buckhead

I am a rising senior studying bio chemistry at Georgia Tech. Before I discovered Flywheel Buckhead, I was honestly a pathetic excuse for a student and a young adult. I used to skip classes because I was too lazy to walk to campus, or because sometimes it pained me to expend that much energy (sad, I know). When I got back to my dorm in the evenings I would put my PJs on to sit and watch TV as my form of “de-stressing” from the day; exercise was never even a thought.

Eventually, I convinced myself that it was time for a change, so I took my first class at Flywheel Buckhead. I was immediately hooked! Seeing how happy and healthy the instructors, staff and fellow riders were at Flywheel was instant motivation for me. I come from an extremely active and health-conscious family – I never had that “bone” in my body until I found Flywheel.

A year later, I now wake up extra early to make it to Flywheel or FlyBarre before my morning classes at GT. I’d never in a million years think about skipping an academic class because I now enjoy my walks to class and I feel so much healthier both physically and mentally after an early workout at FLY.

Not only have I lost 30 pounds in this past year at Flywheel, but I have gained a sense of balance. As a college student, I used to stay out late, binge and spend the next two days in bed. Thanks to Flywheel, I have learned how to enjoy going out but also know my limits. Sometimes, I’ll even skip going out on a Friday night to get up and take a Flywheel class early Saturday morning.

I have successfully turned my family, friends, sorority sisters, including my big and little on to Flywheel, too. FLYing and competing with my friends and family is not only fun, but the emotional connection that comes with working hard next to someone I’ve known for years always brings a smile to my face. I recently brought my best friend to class, and every time I looked up at the TorqBoard and saw her name I smiled knowing that she was keeping up and having fun.

The 7:30 pm Flywheel classes have kept me motivated to carry out my day strong and eat clean. I love being able to prove to myself just how badass I am at the end of the day. Working out is something I now crave on a daily basis and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get my fill of it. Flywheel is 100% responsible for my amazing change in health and happiness and I am SO THANKFUL. #NeverCoast

Joyce Chung, FlyBarre NYC

I can be described in three words: perfectionist, extremist and an overachiever. These words apply to every sphere of my life–academics, the workplace, personal and in particular, fitness and health. After discovering my love for all things barre over a year ago, I made it my personal, secret, crazy (extreme and overachieving) mission to scour the city for the best barre experience. So after my intensive (ongoing) research and “testing,” which barre studio holds the number one spot in my heart? Which barre class do I wake up at 5:30AM with pure excitement for? FlyBarre.

Obsession is an understatement. The FlyBarre experience is humbling and challenging–an environment, a place and a dance party where my perfectionism doesn’t apply, where overachieving is encouraged but not always accomplished (especially during barre abs) and where every extreme, contorted position has a specific purpose to sculpt, tone and lengthen. Each FlyBarre class is therapy to me–I can leave all the stresses of investment banking at the door (and improve my postures for long hours at my desk!) and focus on intense seat moves, pulsing and dynamic arms for one hour. I leave each class feeling leaner, stronger and happier (because how can you not leave happier when you’re with the nicest instructors? I’m talking to you Brittany F., Kara L., Bryant M., Todd A., Hannah B., etc.).

My Fly Story is just a confession of my love for FlyBarre. Because while I was writing this, I kept thinking, “I can’t wait to get my seat on.”