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March Rider and Pulser of the Month

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Meet Dr. Robert Hutchinson and Charlotte Baxter Maines, our March Rider and Pulser of the month. Here, Robert and Charlotte share the unique experiences they’ve had at Flywheel, and showcase the immense impact both workouts have had on their lives. Read about their journeys below and don’t forget to submit your story for April!


Submitted by his girlfriend, Allison Thibault


Robert with Flywheel instructor Gina Racz

Dr. Robert Hutchison is a loving father of two, a wonderful boyfriend and a dedicated, hard worker. He runs his own medical practice in Union, NJ while simultaneously performing surgeries out of Overlook Hospital, St. Barnabas Hospital and Union Surgery Center. For many years, Robert did not know how to balance his life. He was stressed, overweight and unhappy with himself – often. He went through a rough divorce and tried hard to bounce back to a normal life and routine. We started to go to Flywheel Millburn together slightly over a year ago, regularly attending the Tuesday 5:45 am class. This was a first for him, to wake up early in the morning before the sun came up — especially to do it for exercise! After about a month, Robert started to increase his FLY classes to two to three times per week. These days, he’s on the bike up to four times per week. On top of being a great workout, Flywheel is something we can enjoy together.

The changes Robert has felt physically, emotionally and mentally have been life changing. He made friends with all of the welcoming and supportive instructors and staff. In each instructor we find something unique and special. Gina blasts rock and roll, Tristin is a ball of energy, Jill is calm, but motivating, Lori is hilarious and Candee makes sure you make it worth your while, especially at 5:45am. They’re all amazing!

Robert used to be one of those people who would say, “I don’t have time to workout,” but now he’s the example of someone who finally makes time for himself and it has positively impacted everything in his life. Personally, Robert now says that for the first time he feels good about himself. He is finally taking care of himself, he watches what he eats, takes pride in how he looks and how he carries himself. He’s less stressed, has lost weight and smiles all the time. Professionally, Robert now takes more time to sit down and talk to his patients and really connect with them – and they’ve taken notice.

No longer the sad, sulking, negative person he once was, Robert has found a workout routine he loves, exercises consistently, and follows a balanced healthy and nutritious diet. His dedication and hard work have improved his quality of life – not just with his healthy blood work, but his complete morale. He is a happier, energetic and positive person. He has slowed down and appreciates the day-to-day now rather than doing things just to do them. He is more present. Many people look up to him, especially me. I am so proud of him.



It’s as though Flywheel and I were destined for each other. It all began when I took class at the flagship Flatiron, NYC studio shortly after it opened in 2010 at the recommendation of my friend (and still avid Flyer), Abby Corcoran. As a runner, I loved that Flywheel gave me the opportunity to cross-train and have a lot of fun doing it. I would have been hooked, except for the fact that I lived in South Florida.

Luckily in 2011, Flywheel opened one of their first locations outside of New York in Boca Raton which was perfect for me. In 2012, I got engaged and began frequently traveling to my hometown of Atlanta for wedding planning, only to discover that a Flywheel had opened in Buckhead a mile from my childhood home. I immediately went in for a class and discovered the new addition of FlyBarre, which, of course, I had to try. For a bride-to-be thinking about looking good in a wedding dress, it was the perfect one-two punch: calorie-torching cardio at Flywheel plus sculpting and toning at the barre.

That same year, I moved to Los Angeles to attend business school at UCLA, and while living there, Flywheel opened in West Hollywood and Larchmont. Even though I lived in Santa Monica, I would wake up super early to take class in order to beat the notorious LA traffic. Upon graduation, I moved to Seattle to work on the Fire TV at Amazon. Any sad emotions I had about leaving LA, Flywheel, and the perfect running weather behind evaporated in an instant when I spotted that distinctive blue circle logo painted on the side of a nearby building in South Lake Union. Could it be? Yes! A gorgeous, new Flywheel studio right on the Amazon campus.

I didn’t waste a second signing up for an unlimited Flywheel and FlyBarre membership. My first ride was with Aina and I’ve never looked back. Since that day almost two years ago, I have attended a Flywheel and FlyBarre class nearly every day (unless I’m outside running around Lake Union, on the Burke-Gilman Trail, in Discovery Park or up the Howe Street stairs). The foundation that the combination of cycling and FlyBarre provides for my fitness sets me up for success in completing the many marathons and triathlons I love.

My rigorous attendance in FlyBarre has strengthened all of the tiny muscles throughout my core, thighs, knees and ankles that enable me to continue to churn out long runs injury-free. With Flywheel and FlyBarre as my primary training, I completed my twentieth and twenty-first marathons last November with times fast enough to qualify for Boston! I am currently training for the Seattle and the San Francisco Marathons this summer, and make daily Flywheel and FlyBarre doubles a regular part of my training.

Flywheel is so much more than an amazing workout. Having a place where I can get a great workout (even in the middle of a dark, rainy Seattle winter) filled with friends, laughs, awesome music, top notch instructors, and the friendliest, most considerate staff has truly enriched my life and given me a home away from home. This month, I crossed the 10,000 mark of miles ridden at Flywheel. Here’s to the next 10,000 with my awesome FLYFam!


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