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Love Made Them Do It: One Couple’s FLY Anywhere Story

By February 14, 2018 No Comments

You know what they say: couples who FLY together, stay together. And for Jim and Karen, fitting in daily workouts is now going to be even easier, thanks to FLY Anywhere! Read on for their story and what just might be the best anniversary present ever.

1. How has taking Flywheel classes strengthened your relationship? 
We’re both very committed to fitness but generally enjoy different workouts (Karen is a runner; Jim likes working out with various equipment at his gym). Taking classes at Flywheel is a great option for us because we both love it and we can do it together.

2. You just celebrated your 30th anniversary—congrats! What brought you into Flywheel on your special day? 
We originally were supposed to go out for dinner and both decided we desperately needed a workout more than a fancy meal! Since we wanted to spend the time together, Flywheel was the obvious choice. We love the variety Flywheel brings to our fitness routine, and it’s fun to share the workout experience with each other.

3. We hear you’ll now be riding at home… 
Yes, we ordered FLY Anywhere as an anniversary ‘gift’ to each other! Our schedules are crazy and we can’t always get to the studio. Having a bike in our home gym is such a great idea. It’ll help us stay fit and improve our speed, strength and endurance.

4. How do you keep each other accountable? 
We’re both very self-motivated so accountability is never an issue. But we do get competitive about our class performance and who gets to ride first!