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By August 15, 2019 No Comments

To kick off our 2019 Summer Like an Instructor series, we ask Elena Flores Rector (Precision Training-Chicago) and Sherica Holmon (Wheel-NYC) about what their summers are looking like this year. From talents to trips, let’s see what they’re like outside of the studio.

Special talent/hobby/passion project?
Elena: I am an actor and I went to school for musical theatre. I don’t do much singing anymore, but get me into a karaoke bar (after some champagne), and ya girl will sing to the rafters…most likely with the wrong lyrics.
Sherica: This summer I learned how to surf in Ayampe, Ecuador. The beach was like a scene out of a movie. Maybe ten people total on the beach, beautiful cliffs. You could sense that you were somewhere untouched and very special. This is where I discovered a new sport that I love.

What would someone be surprised to learn about you?
Elena: I have a recurring role as a cop on Chicago Med! Don’t mess with Officer Rosado. She means business.
Sherica: I was born in the Philippines, lived in Japan, Hawaii, Idaho, New Mexico, and New York. I’ve lived in three different countries before I was 10 years old.

Where is your next vacation?
Elena: My parents have a lake house in a tiny Indiana town, and I’ll be going with a bunch of girlfriends. Lots of floating, sipping, eating and laughing lie ahead.
Sherica: Headed to The Dominican Treehouse Village in the DR for my birthday in August! It is literally a village in the middle of a jungle, just a bike ride away from the beach. No service, just time in nature while enjoying a real local experience 😊

What’s one item you can’t leave home without/what’s in your bag?
Elena: I NEVER leave home without a change of clothes and my reusable sweat bag. Much needed since I do about 16 things in a day and most involve sweat.
Sherica:  I always have a backpack carrying my laptop, metro card, face wash, and windscreens lol

Commute style- Cab? Bike? Train?
Elena: I used to take the train everywhere in Chicago, but years ago when these 6am classes started, I realized driving was the only way I’d stay sane (and punctual). So now, I’m spoiled! CAR ONLY
Sherica: A little bit of train and a little bit of running 🙂

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Be sure to follow Elena on Instagram @champagneandfitness, and Sherica @sherica_holman and of course, us @flywheelsports