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Back to School? Back2FLY

Summer’s almost over and that means it’s back to school season…but we’ve got you covered! Through the month of September, you’ll have the chance to earn gold stars for completing assignments in-studio. The more stars you collect, the more credits you can earn. Get a head start, and stock up on credit pack(s), or be a scholar and upgrade your Superfly Pack Membership, and you’ll automatically receive extra credit(s) with each purchase.

Activities Include:

  • You CAN Fly with us: Automatically earn a star for being an existing member
  • Make a new friend: Bring a first-timer to Flywheel
  • Perfect Attendance: take five consecutive days of classes
  • Take an Elective: Take a theme class
  • Ace the test: Get a PR
  • Earn AP credit: Take a Master Instructor
  • Field Trip: take an instructor you’ve never taken before 
  • Photography 101: post a pic of you at Fly, and tag your favorite Instructor and @Flywheelsports 
  • Cover-to-cover: Book end classes (morning & night class on the same day)
  • Double-dutch at recess: Double up (take back-to-back classes of any class format combo)
  • Summer school: Three classes on a weekend (any class format combo)
  • Teacher’s pet: take the same instructor three or more times in the same week
  • Head of the class: sit in the front row or mat
  • Parent-Teacher-Conference: bring a family member to class
  • Play Hooky: Take a class between 9:00am and 4:00pm
  • Go abroad: visit a Flywheel studio and take class away from your home market
  • Transfer student: try a new class format 
  • Supply drive: bring in an approved item for a local school
  • Go Digital: Take a streaming class on the FLY app
  • Honor Roll: Reach the top of the Torqboard 
  • The New Kid: Take a class with an instructor who just joined the team within the past six months
  • Friday Night Lights: take a Friday afternoon or evening class 
  • Final Exam: complete and submit the Flywheel trivia quiz

Complete each of the assignments above, and you’ll receive one gold star per assignment, to proudly display on your studios’ activity board.

Earn 5 stars = 1 extra credit
Earn 10+ stars = 2 extra credits
Earn 15+ stars = 3 extra credits
Valedictorian – 20+ stars = FREE 6 person group class

Studios will also be hosting community events as well as school supply drives, so check in with your studio about what event they have planned and book your class here!

Assignments cannot be repeated, and participants cannot earn more than two stars per class.
Classes booked through ClassPass are not eligible to receive stars
Bonus credits expire within 60-days.
Activities can be completed, and stars earned, at multiple locations, but tracking of completion should be at your home studio.

September Events

An all-new class focusing on- you guessed it! Glutes+Abs is a 50 minute class for our more intense FlyFam!
Here’s what Brian Slaman, NYC instructor and Talent Development Director has to say:
“Glutes + Abs: We are so excited to announce the new class format, which focuses heavily on glutes and hamstrings, and majorly targets the core. It’s a 50-minute advanced level class featuring brand new exercises and longer sequences for a more intense burn. Think of it as a compliment to our ‘Arms + Abs’ format. Check your local precision training schedules, and come try out our newest barre offering!”
Your next class is just a click away!

Race for the Cure – September 8th
Flywheel Sports is the official partner of this year’s Race for A Cure on September 8th in Central Park. There will be 3 amazing FlyFIT and FlyBarre classes starting at 8:30 AM in the Naumburg Bandshell so be sure to stop by and join us!
You can sign up for our 8:30, 9:30, and 10:30 AM classes taught by the wonderful Kara Liotta, Rachel Genise, Brian Slaman, and Alex Lyons by clicking here.

Back2Fly – September 5th-29th
Summer’s almost over and that means it’s back to school season…but we’ve got your back! Through all of September, we’re giving you the chance to earn some extra credit! For every assignment you do, you’ll receive one gold star. The more stars you collect, the more credits you can earn!

Studios will also be hosting community events as well as school supply drives, so check in with your studio about what event they have planned and book your class here!

Jam Like an Instructor

A workout is only as good as the playlist that accompanies it…that’s why our instructors are so great at making fire playlists! Most of our instructors have some sort of music background and it shows. Here’s how the pros go about making the best playlists for the best workouts!

-How do you build a playlist for a class?
April:  I always start with the last song in the playlist– the big finish of the ride. Then I build from there, focusing on a couple solid mood shifts, and making sure there’s something in there for everyone’s music tastes.
Greta: I am constantly listening to music on Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud, and Youtube (yes I use all 4) and anytime I hear something I like I add it to my music library right away so throughout the day I can add up to 50+ new songs to my library. Once I’ve added them I listen to each one again, figure out the BPM and count the builds and drops so I can better understand the structure of the song and teach to the music. Then I start to drag them into a playlist! I always add the songs I know I want to play for sure first and then add songs around those to make it time out.
Jared: I usually pull from different genres and different decades to start. Since my audience is so diverse, I like to make sure there is something for everyone. Along with the different genres, I also try to make sure the RPMs are varied and that I’m giving a good mix of flats, jogs, and hills. And with all that being said, I like to build my class like I’m creating a one-act musical. I start with a crowd-pleasing song, something that everyone knows and will get people fired up. I like to choose more introspective, moody songs halfway through class and then like to end with a big

-How does your background inspire your playlist or class?
April: I was a professional tap dancer and theatre major, so I have an appreciation for almost every decade of music and I hear it in a very performative way. I bang hip-hop and rap, but I also LOVE to find remixes of older songs that are fresh, current and wild.
Greta: Music is my life. I grew up surrounded by it and *shocker* used to be a singer! I was actually a professional actress at the age of 13 and studied musical theatre in college but fell in love with fitness before I graduated and decided that was what I wanted to pursue after school. I strongly believe all my musical education growing up has helped me every day at Flywheel.
Jared: Growing up as an only child, my musical taste was inspired by what my parents played in the house. My dad loved classic rock (ie Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Fleetwood Mac, etc) and my mom was a disco queen (Donna Summer, Gloria Gaynor, Earth, Wind, and Fire, etc). One of my first jobs in NYC was working at a famous music venue, Joes Pub, in downtown. The club was very genre blind and would have an R&B/Soul group one night and then a country music artist the next. So needless to say, my taste is pretty eclectic. I definitely have an appreciation for all types of music.

– How do you keep your playlist fresh and new?
April: Every week on the same day I scan my DJ sites to see what’s trending. I also go through the top songs of the week on the charts and promise myself to find at least one or two great new remixes of older (2000 or earlier) songs.
Greta: Like I said I am constantly listening to new music but I also love going to see DJs and steal a lot of my music from their sets. I like to think that whenever I go to a concert I’m doing field research haha. You can catch me making notes on my phone to scour the internet later and shazaming here and there but definitely dancing my little heart out too.
Jared:  I’m constantly on the lookout for new, fresh music. I follow various music blogs and DJs around the globe and am shamelessly using shazam wherever I am! I’m that idiot on the chair in a restaurant aiming my phone towards the speaker trying to capture the song. Anything for my music! I also take advantage of our in-house DJ, FlyDJ, which has awesome redrums and mashups each month.

-What’s your favorite genre to play during class?
April:  My taste is so eclectic it’s easier to say what you won’t hear. Two things you won’t find in my class: country music or really metallic and harsh EDM. Not my thing.
Greta: This is an easy one. I’ll give you a hint: I went to the biggest music festival in the world for this genre (Tomorrowland). Don’t you know yet? EDM. It’s my number one. Better believe my classes are like mini-festivals.
Jared: Although I am very eclectic, I’m a pop boy. Anything from the late 90s/early 2000s really gets me fired up (ie Backstreet Boys, Britney, Ricky Martin, JLo, etc). I was born in the mid-80s, so the 90s was my musical generation.

Hear their playlists in person! Take a class!

Be sure to follow April on Instagram @april_townsend, Greta @gretabradbury, and Jared @jaredpoulin

Postures and Positions

Written by NYC Flywheel Instructor Sarah Ballan @sarahballan

Hi friends! Sarah Ballan here. Happy last week of August! As summer is coming to an end, I’m excited for everyone to get back into their normal routines and get back into the studio! I thought it could be helpful to cover the best posture and positioning on the bike in order to maximize performance and for the safest practice.

When you’re getting ready for class, be sure to set up your bike with the following in mind:

Seat Height: Approach the bike and stand facing forward, as you bring the knee closest to the bike up to a 90-degree angle. Adjust the height of the seat so it hits your hip. After you “clip in”, make sure your legs do not fully extend when you peddle – you want a slight bend in the knee during each rotation.

Seat Distance: Keep the seat distance at a place where you can sit up straight and your knees do not come in front of the Torq knob when you peddle. You don’t want to be too close, or your knees will bang into the handlebars as you ride in third position. If you are too far, you run the risk of leaning too far over, when ideally you should ride in an upright position.

Handlebar Height: There is a bit more leeway when it comes to handlebar height. The lower the handlebars are, the more you will need to engage your core (keep your belly button back towards your spine) in order to protect the lower back. Your grip should always be semi-loose on the handlebars. They are there for slight support, but not a lifeline. If you’re experiencing any back pain, you should keep the handlebars slightly on the higher end. This will alleviate some of the pressure and allow you to sit up taller without fully relying on your abs. However, you should make sure the handlebars aren’t up too high. Your shoulders should be relaxed and away from your ears. If you find your shoulders popping up, try lowering the handlebars.

Handlebar Distance: Ideally you want your handlebars to be at an appropriate length at which you can have a slight bend in your elbows without locking them straight out and overreaching. You don’t want to be too close and have too much of an arm bend. Find that sweet spot!

Rider Hack: there is a place in the Flywheel app to record your measurements, so you know exactly how to set up for the next time!

At Flywheel, there are three positions you will assume on the bike: first, second, and third.

First Position is simple. All you have to do is sit on the stationary bike, pedal your legs and voila! You nailed it. Think about lengthening your spine and creating space between your shoulders and your ears. The shoulders roll down and back as you lift your chest up. Perfecting your posture will optimize your workout and strengthen the muscles that we tend to overuse during the hours spent hunched over at a computer/ work desk.

Second Position is essentially rising your body up a few inches up (out of the saddle) and bringing your knees upwards. Keep your feet flexed and try to refrain from pointing your toes down. This position focuses mainly on strengthening the core and is typically used the least out of the three positions, or sometimes not at all, depending on the instructor. In second position, you’ll want to make sure you tuck your hips forward and stand up tall. Do not arch your back and stick your booty out. Keep your core engaged and try to remove the “bounce.” If you could balance a glass of water on your head, think about not spilling a drop. You want to eliminate the bounce and target the core muscles.

Third Position is when your hands come all the way out to the ends of the handlebars and your booty slides back over the saddle. You’ll want to make sure your shoulders stay dropped and relaxed make a conscious effort to bring them down and back. Drive your knees upward, towards your chest. Keep your feet flexed and think about pulling up on the tops of your feet where your velcro is. When the Torq gets super heavy, you can use your body weight to your advantage. Keep the hips as far back as possible and rock your body side to side across the handle bars.

If you have any questions about your posture or positioning on the bike, please feel free to reach out to me. See you in the saddle soon! @sarahballan

Stay Fit Like An Instructor

Alex Sweeney (Wheel-Seattle), Alyssa Marsh (Wheel-Philadelphia), Olivia Fernandes (Wheel/Precision Training-Miami), and Marc Daigle (Wheel-NYC) talk about everything Fitness! From mantras to marathons, get the inside scoop on what our instructors think about workouts.

-Fitness related plans for the summer? (Training for a marathon, Tri, Ironman, etc.)
Alex: Already tackled a Half Ironman and Sprint Triathlon! Up next: Seawheeze Half Marathon & some good, scenic hikes with my boys!
Alyssa: Training for my second amateur boxing match at Gleasons gym on 8/24
Olivia: Currently training for my first NPC bikini competition in October.
Marc: I just completed my second Ironman this summer. It was challenging since I was diagnosed with a neuromuscular disease 2 years ago called CMT and 2 months ago I was hit by a car while riding my bike and broke my elbow.

-Name your role model in fitness or sports and explain why?
Alex: I don’t really have one role model in fitness/sports, but I absolutely find motivation in fellow fitness professionals who are also mothers. As a mom of two, I sometimes feel like I’m creating my own path in my fitness goals, simply because it’s not the standard “norm” to be a mom of young kids who chooses to tackle big fitness goals. So anytime I find others around me attempting to balance their lives as mothers AND lead fitness-driven lives, I find motivation! Badasses like Serena Williams who are relentless and keep kicking ass after having babies!
Alyssa: Mikaela Mayer. Pro-female fighter. She’s got some great messages about staying feminine, embracing your femininity and being tough all at once. “It’s okay to hit like a girl!”
Olivia:  I don’t necessarily have a fitness role model. I push myself because I want to be the best version of myself.

-How did u get into fitness?
Alex: I wasn’t super athletic growing up. In my early twenties, I started running to help get me through a tough breakup. It was a mental & emotional space for me to reset. Running became a passion and soon after I discovered an inner competitor. Distances grew and I took on a few half marathons but was too scared to do a full marathon, so I started triathlons (haha). Fast-forward several years and I finally did my first full marathon while training for my first full Ironman (which includes a marathon after biking 112 miles!). Along the road of running, I found yoga and cycling and got my yoga certification and fell in love with coaching. I discovered Flywheel and the rest is history! I am passionate about my own fitness goals and passionate about coaching others to find their mental and physical strength as well. Next up: getting my NASM CPT!
Alyssa: It’s in the family! My parents both grew up playing sports. Therefore naturally I grew up in the gym with them. Starting lifting weights at 12, I started playing soccer/cheerleading in 1st grade. Starting boxing freshmen year of high school for fun.
Oliva: I came from a dance background, so movement was always apart of my life. After graduating from college I missed the thrill I got from performing. That’s when I found group fitness and realized I could have that same feeling in my classes.
Marc:  Fitness was always a passion of mine. Growing up I was very active and played a ton of sports. I started working for a fitness center back at home in Missouri and realized that.

-What you love about working in fitness?
Alex: EVERYTHING! I have zero excuses for getting in a workout because it’s my job! I love my wacky, unusual schedule – I often have free time in the afternoons or late mornings to hang with my 1 & 3-year-old boys. I have flexibility. And the relationships! I love meeting so many incredible people! I’ve been inspired more times than I can remember, and created several life-long friendships.
Alyssa: The music and energy. For a short moment, everyone is on the same wavelength, we are all in that moment together! I enjoy pushing myself to a level that I haven’t before or helping others to do the same.
Olivia: I love that I get to meet so many different people. You build genuine connections with your clients and everybody comes from different walks of life, you can learn so much from each person!

 -If it wasn’t fitness, what would you do?
Alex:  I honestly have no idea! I lucked out falling into this career! Maybe movies. I studied cinema in college and always loved the idea of working on films (Cameron Diaz’s job in “The Holiday” for example)
Alyssa: I don’t feel that there is any other profession for me. I work full time in mgmt and operations in fitness, work at Flywheel and amateur box. Fitness is me.
Olivia:  Honestly, I can not imagine my life not working in fitness. It’s a beautiful thing when you find your passion.

-Favorite workouts out of the studio?
Alex:  Running around beautiful Seattle in the summer – no music, just the open air. Moderate strength training. Yoga.
Alyssa:  strength training! Love to crush some heavy weights!
Olivia: Wheel.

-Mantras/Motivation that keeps you going
Alex: “Be Fearless” and “Anything Is Possible” – both are tattooed on my body 🙂
Alyssa: there are always low moments in everything that we do. I try and remind myself that you have to work with the best to be the best… you have to hit the bottom sometimes to get to the top. Fail at practice, so that you can shine when the bell rings.
Olivia: My motto for life is “Do better, be better.” You have to create the change you want to see.

-How to spend your rest day?
Alex: With my boys at the park, zoo, aquarium, exploring the city or relaxing at home
Alyssa: I try and get a deep tissue massage twice a week. If I can’t get a massage, then I roll out for a good 30-40 minutes, do some yoga, and sleep!
Olivia: A rest day for me is just staying home with my husband. I move my body so much that it is so important to take advantage of downtime.

 -Day of the week?
Alex: Sundays
Alyssa: Sunday’s are my reset days. My boyfriend and I meal prep for the entire week on Sundays. 7 meals a day, for the entire week.

-How do you take care of yourself?
Alex: Eat lots of food, try to drink lots of water (I struggle with drinking enough water!), NAPS, assisted stretching, and pedicures 😉
Alyssa: I usually train and teach 2-3 times a day, with my busy training schedule and work, it’s helpful to lay out clothes for the week as well!
Olivia: Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition! I am on a very strict meal plan, due to getting ready for my competition.

-What do you eat?
Alex:  Everything. Current favorites: peanut butter, butter, avocado, any fruit, and bacon. Not necessarily together…
Alyssa: I stick to a pretty consistent schedule with my meals. Lean protein sources 4 ounces/ greens 4 ounces and 3 ounces of a good carb like sweet potatoes something whole grain.
Olivia: A lot of veggies and eggs. I’m pretty sure I am going to turn into an egg soon.

-How do you prepare for the week ahead?
Alex: Create playlists, plan out time to be with my kids and do at least one thing for me-time (pedicure, stretch, haircut, etc).
Olivia: I always have to make sure I have all my meals ready for the next day, so my planning for the week consists of a ton of meal prep. Oh and laundry…the laundry is never-ending.

-How do you unplug?
Alex: Read a good book or watch something on Netflix (Workin’ Moms & Stranger Things). Or look for a new scary movie I haven’t yet seen!
Alyssa:  I unplug by doing something fun, going to a park to run that has a view of the water or any activity that is outdoors is good for me!
Olivia: Unplugging for me is sitting in bed…with my super fine husband…watching netflix.

Feeling motivated yet? Take a class with them!

Be sure to follow Alex on Instagram @AlexandraSweeney, Alyssa @Alyssaannemarsh, Olivia @mrslivfit, and Marc @marcdaigle

Stay Hydrated This Summer

Let’s be honest here, sometimes water can get really boring, but you need 8 glasses of it (at least!) to stay healthy! More so if you plan on crushing a work out with us. Adding some fruits or herbs to spice things up can be a huge game-changer and help you hit that 64 oz goal or cut your sugar cravings. That’s why infused water is so amazing! It tastes great, and you can feel good drinking it.

Prep this on the weekend or in the morning before work and have it ready for whenever you need it. Let it infuse for a few hours before you plan on drinking it for the best flavor. Need some ideas to get started? We’re one step ahead of you!

For these recipe’s we’ll be measuring everything in parts, that way no matter how much you plan on making, there is no need to convert anything! You’re welcome 😊
Blueberry Mint
Take 2 parts blueberries and 1 part mint, drop them into a pitcher, reusable water bottle or whatever container you plan on using and gently muddle it to bring out the flavors. Then add in 4 parts water, and you are good to go!
Cucumber and Lime
Slice those suckers up, to equal 1 part, add in 3 parts water and give it a stir or shake! Super fast, and super tasty!
Strawberry Basil
Similar to the blueberry mint, you’ll be taking 2 parts strawberry, and 4 parts water, except this time you’ll only want to use a half part of basil. Give the flavors a muddle before adding in the water. This one is ready to drink now or later, it tastes great whenever!
Apple, Cinnamon, and Pear
Chop 2 parts fruit into squares, and this time the amount you plan on making really does matter. For a water bottle, only add 1 stick of cinnamon; but if you plan on making more than 16 oz, feel free to add more sticks. A pitcher should have 3-4. Let this one sit for at least 2 hours before drinking to let all the flavors mingle.
Take Orange, Lemon, and Lime, and slice in rounds. This recipe is better used for larger pitchers as it requires lots of fruits that most people wouldn’t eat on their own. (Unless you like eating lemon or lime as is, if so; you do you boo!) Stack the rounds into your container and add 6 parts water.

The possibilities are endless! Now go forth and drink some fancy water!


At the end of July, we partnered with America’s favorite fitness and health expert Jillian Michaels. Michaels led a charity ride at a Flywheel studio, and all proceeds went directly toward the charity USA for UNHCR, whose mission is to protect and empower refugees with hope and opportunity. Her personal commitment to the organization included stepping 100 miles in July and fundraising alongside her supporters. She has asked Americans to show their solidarity with refugees by joining the challenge and by donating what they can to help provide critical aid to refugees worldwide.

“The global refugee crisis is far and away the largest humanitarian crisis of our time, and through this collective effort, we can show our solidarity, increase awareness about refugee issues, raise money to protect refugees, and help them to rebuild their lives,” said Michaels. “Meeting refugees has forever changed me. Inspired to do more, along with an amazing group of supporters from across the country, I walked 100 miles in July in solidarity with refugees to raise critical funds. But we can’t stop here. We can still #StepwithRefugees to transform all of our lives for the better and can donate to help refugees around the world find safety and security.”

Thank you to Jillian for partnering with Flywheel and helping make a difference in the lives of refugees world-wide! To learn more about USA for UNHCR or to donate to Jillian’s fundraising page, please click here:

Interested in hosting a charity ride of your own?
Whatever your charity of choice may be, we’ll help you host an epic 45-minute ride benefiting your charity. Join us and FLY for a cause!
Host a ride for your charity, and you can:

  • Use every bike in the stadium to fundraise
  • Fire up the crowd with a charity-specific welcome message straight from your instructor
  • Showcase your cause by putting up a branded image on our TorqBoards
  • Conduct raffles to raise additional funds before and after your ride

To submit a charity ride request, please click here:

How to break a (clean) sweat with MALIN+GOETZ.

If you’re someone who regularly breaks a sweat at Flywheel, you’re likely no stranger to the brand whose name is found on the sleek bottles that line the walls of our shower stalls! We’ve partnered up with MALIN+GOETZ in all of our studios, a brand that prides themselves in creating simple skincare solutions that keep you fresh and hydrated from head to toe.

We carry the following products in the showers in all of our studios: Peppermint Shampoo, Cilantro Conditioner, Vitamin B5 Body Moisturizer, and Grapefruit Face Cleanser. These products keep you feeling clean and refreshed after all of your Fly classes!

We also tested out Malin+Goetz’ best-selling product, Eucalyptus Deodorant. It’s a natural deodorant formulated with odor-neutralizing citronellyl and natural eucalyptus extract, their deodorant will keep you smelling fresh – no matter how hard you’re working to improve that ranking on the Torqboard. You can always keep a travel-size Eucalyptus Deodorant on hand for touch-ups throughout the day – and it’s even small enough to keep in your gym bag, by the way!

Once you’ve committed to going natural, you’ll never look back! The results are more than worth it. So, get yourself into the studio for some killer workouts, AND try out some of their top-notch skincare products!

Please let us know if you have any questions related to our friends at M+G!

Live Like an Instructor

To kick off our 2019 Summer Like an Instructor series, we ask Elena Flores Rector (Precision Training-Chicago) and Sherica Holmon (Wheel-NYC) about what their summers are looking like this year. From talents to trips, let’s see what they’re like outside of the studio.

Special talent/hobby/passion project?
Elena: I am an actor and I went to school for musical theatre. I don’t do much singing anymore, but get me into a karaoke bar (after some champagne), and ya girl will sing to the rafters…most likely with the wrong lyrics.
Sherica: This summer I learned how to surf in Ayampe, Ecuador. The beach was like a scene out of a movie. Maybe ten people total on the beach, beautiful cliffs. You could sense that you were somewhere untouched and very special. This is where I discovered a new sport that I love.

What would someone be surprised to learn about you?
Elena: I have a recurring role as a cop on Chicago Med! Don’t mess with Officer Rosado. She means business.
Sherica: I was born in the Philippines, lived in Japan, Hawaii, Idaho, New Mexico, and New York. I’ve lived in three different countries before I was 10 years old.

Where is your next vacation?
Elena: My parents have a lake house in a tiny Indiana town, and I’ll be going with a bunch of girlfriends. Lots of floating, sipping, eating and laughing lie ahead.
Sherica: Headed to The Dominican Treehouse Village in the DR for my birthday in August! It is literally a village in the middle of a jungle, just a bike ride away from the beach. No service, just time in nature while enjoying a real local experience 😊

What’s one item you can’t leave home without/what’s in your bag?
Elena: I NEVER leave home without a change of clothes and my reusable sweat bag. Much needed since I do about 16 things in a day and most involve sweat.
Sherica:  I always have a backpack carrying my laptop, metro card, face wash, and windscreens lol

Commute style- Cab? Bike? Train?
Elena: I used to take the train everywhere in Chicago, but years ago when these 6am classes started, I realized driving was the only way I’d stay sane (and punctual). So now, I’m spoiled! CAR ONLY
Sherica: A little bit of train and a little bit of running 🙂

Did an instructor catch your eye? Ride with them!

Be sure to follow Elena on Instagram @champagneandfitness, and Sherica @sherica_holman and of course, us @flywheelsports

Flywheel 101

Written by NYC Flywheel Instructor Sarah Ballan @sarahballan

The Flywheel method is a carefully constructed interval-based cycling workout, consisting of a series of jogs, flats, and hills. Interval based training essentially means different degrees of effort throughout the workout. Flywheel instructors will push you at certain moments and give you (active) recovery during others. Unlike many workouts where numerical measurements can only be obtained from outside devices (ie: Apple watches and Fitbit’s), Flywheel provides you with performance-focused metrics so you can beat your personal records and compete with others – if that’s your thing. 

Once you’re clipped in and begin pedaling, the tech pack, or screen in the center of your handlebars, will light up with a series of numbers. 

Q: What are the 4 metrics on the tech pack? The meaning behind these numbers are as follows: 

A: The top left number is “Torq”. Torq technically means the force that causes rotation, therefore on a bike it is the amount of resistance, which is controlled by the knob in the center of the bike. Turn the knob clockwise, you’ll feel the heaviness, counterclockwise makes it lighter. The top right number on the tech pack refers to RPMs, or “Speed”, how fast you are going. The bottom left number is your “Current.” This number is unique because there are two ways to increase current, either by adding torq or speed.

The bottom right number is your “Power Score,” or the number you see on the TorqBoard (Leaderboard), the TV’s in the front of the room. If you are not on board (hehe) with other riders seeing your numbers and it makes you uncomfortable, feel free to opt-out. 

Q: What is a Power Score?

A: The total number of points you accumulate during the 45-minute ride. The Power Score is the number you see flashed up on the leaderboard. And, you can always opt-out of the TorqBoard.

Q: What is the Torqboard / leaderboard?

A: The Male/ Female scoreboard where all of the Power Scores are displayed in real-time. You can make your Torqboard name whatever you want. It can – and should – be a silly alias.

Think AOL Instant Messenger screen name as opposed to an email address. 

Q: How do I increase my power score? 

A: In order to increase your power score you want to make sure you are riding properly and efficiently, First and foremost comes your form. Without proper form, you run the risk of injury. Here are a few form reminders and tips that will make it easier to turn up the torq. 

1. Perfect your Posture

Posture plays a role in efficiency. Relax your shoulders and lift your chest to open up the airways. It will make it easier to catch your breath if and when you’re feeling winded. Try to remain as tall and straight as possible when you’re seated and in second position:

Second position is really about lifting your body a few inches taller, as you move from a seated to a standing position. Although you remain straight, second position requires a bit more core strength to stabilize. When you move into third position (standing with your arms extended) the most important rule is: do not lean forward. Always slide your hips back (you get used to it, promise).

2. Upstrokes Matter

When you’re pedaling on your bike, your feet are clipped into the pedals. They aren’t going anywhere, so don’t be afraid to pull upwards on your shoes while keeping your foot flat. NEVER point your toes. Instead, focus on sending the movement back through the heel.  The “upstroke” is just as important as driving your heels downward. In fact, if you place more of an emphasis on the “up,” it becomes easier to handle more resistance underneath your feet. Your legs become levers, one pushing to the floor, the other pulling up to the ceiling at the same time. Instead of just focusing on down, down, down, train your body to be mindful of the simultaneous pull. This awareness will give you better muscle control and will help with fatigue. It makes your ride more efficient. This mindset is applicable both in and out of the saddle. When standing, think about driving your knees up towards your chest as you would during a mountain climber exercise on the floor. 

3. Current is Key 

The higher the current, the higher your total power score will be. To optimize your workout and obtain a high power score, make sure to keep an eye on this crucial number. During an interval, ideally, you would want your current to be in the high teens-low twenties. While in active recovery, you are encouraged to back off and let your current drop to the (lower) teens. It’s also important to make sure that the number never drops to zero. Really, don’t do it. You may think it’s easy and fun to go above 130rpm, but let me tell you from personal experience: you will get injured. You get the same exercise high – and feel stronger – when you ride heavier resistance at lower speeds. I’m not saying don’t ever go fast, however, if you do, just make sure you do it safely. If you feel like you’re pedaling against air and your legs are flying uncontrollably, that’s probably a sign you should add some support underneath your wheel. If you need to rest try to keep pedaling and not come to a complete stop. Slow is better than stagnant!