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January Rider and Pulser of the Month

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Meet Tina Mak our January pulser the month.  We’re rewarding one rider and one pulser nationwide each month and we were extremely inspired by these two women. Read about how Tina found Flywheel below and don’t forget to submit your story for February!

TINA MAK, FLYBARRE PLANO: “Who says that size 0 doesn’t need to work out?”


Tina Mak, in the middle, with her friends at FlyBarre Texas

Exercise has never been my forte, and I am usually a book of excuses when it comes to working out. I was introduced to FlyBarre in Plano, Texas, by a friend who also struggled to stay active. We were not overweight nor did we have trouble fitting into our clothes, but man were we unhealthy.  Who says that size 0 doesn’t need to work out? We were the definition of skinny fat. At my annual doctor visit in 2014, I was told that at age 27, I was bordering high level health risks. I had high blood sugar, high cholesterol, zero strength and pathetic endurance. My doctor told me that these were unhealthy numbers for someone my age and that it was imperative for me to start monitoring my diet and exercise routine.

It was only a matter of time before our weak, unhealthy bodies would catch up with us. That was when I went to FlyBarre for the first time. I am someone who must try before I buy, and it only took one FlyBarre class to get me hooked! While the classes were incredibly challenging, and the soreness lasted for days, I  refused to give up. I was more determined than ever to be a stronger and healthier me. I loved that the routines were different every time, and the fun beats made the classes fly by so quickly! I did not enter this transformation alone.  In fact, I got three other friends to join FlyBarre with me, and I introduced this workout to six additional friends since then.

As pulsing companions, we provide each other with motivation and accountability- in fact, whenever we miss a class, our go-to instructor, Mandy Mack calls us out! In my first 30 days with FlyBarre Plano, I attended 26 classes. Not too bad for a FlyBarre newbie!

Don’t forget – every month, one lucky rider and one lucky pulser will receive a complimentary one month membership. There is no reason it shouldn’t be you! Email with “MY FLY STORY” in the subject line, and tell us in one paragraph how you – or your friend – took your fitness regimen to a whole new level.


Before Steve Justice was a Flywheel instructor at Charlotte, he was a pro NFL player. Read his amazing story here.

“It’s now been close to a year and a half since our first Flywheel class. Neither of us had realized, despite comments from friends and family, the impact that the classes had on our bodies. Our FLY routine is more than just weighing less, or better fitting clothes. It’s also about feeling much stronger and a thousand times healthier.” Read Lauren and Alan Silver’s Flywheel Boston success story here.

“The reminder that there are greater rewards ahead coupled with a new strength and vitality from Flywheel helps me stay positive. I’ve woken up to life again and it is very much worth living.” Read Robert Hall’s amazing Flywheel Seattle story here.


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