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FLY Away Your Stress: 7 Ways to Stay Calm

By January 21, 2014 No Comments


It’s important to approach our workouts with a balanced, healthy perspective. We sat down with Flywheel rider and blogger Ashley Pettit and had her give us some tips on stress management to keep in mind throughout the year. Number one on the list? Fitting in your workouts.

Sweat out your daily stress. It is a tried and true method for many reasons:

  • Exercise brings out your feel-good endorphins. We all know that there’s nothing better than the feeling of pride and accomplishment that comes after completing a workout.
  • Working out improves your mood and promotes better sleep.
  • At Flywheel, you can literally cycle tension away and get distracted by the task at hand—burning calories and having fun.

Go device-free for 20 minutes a day:
Give your brain some time off. Sounds tough, but there are 1,440 minutes in a day, so 20 minutes unplugged shouldn’t be too hard.

Be one with your thoughts:
Meditation isn’t for everyone and neither is complete silence. Pettit recommends downloading apps that help you spend at least five minutes with yourself to just “be.” She recommends “Meditative Ocean Waves” from her Relax Melodies app.

Write it down:
No, it doesn’t have to be a standard “Dear Diary” situation, but jotting down your thoughts from the day or writing out things you may be feeling or struggling with is a great way to ease your mind. You can use bullet points, simple sentences or anything that helps you get it down. Keeping a journal that you write in when needed is a truly helpful practice.

Take a bath or shower before bed:
Calm your body down with warm water and relaxing bath salts. Relaxing your muscles and getting clean before bed will literally wash away your physical stress from the day and prep your body for sleep.

Create an inviting and dark sleeping environment:
Do you forget to close your blinds, leave the TV or computer on, or have a love-hate relationship with your pillows or comforter? These simple things will disrupt your sleep, which will 100% negatively effect your day.

Maintain a hobby that utilizes skills you do not tap into at work:
Getting creative or spending time doing something you enjoy is an amazing way to cut out the stress and be happy. This does not include watching TV, but more of a skilled hobby you can improve upon, learn from, and demonstrate somehow. Pettit’s is jewelry-making!

How do you unwind and relax?