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Jam Like an Instructor

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A workout is only as good as the playlist that accompanies it…that’s why our instructors are so great at making fire playlists! Most of our instructors have some sort of music background and it shows. Here’s how the pros go about making the best playlists for the best workouts!

-How do you build a playlist for a class?
April:  I always start with the last song in the playlist– the big finish of the ride. Then I build from there, focusing on a couple solid mood shifts, and making sure there’s something in there for everyone’s music tastes.
Greta: I am constantly listening to music on Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud, and Youtube (yes I use all 4) and anytime I hear something I like I add it to my music library right away so throughout the day I can add up to 50+ new songs to my library. Once I’ve added them I listen to each one again, figure out the BPM and count the builds and drops so I can better understand the structure of the song and teach to the music. Then I start to drag them into a playlist! I always add the songs I know I want to play for sure first and then add songs around those to make it time out.
Jared: I usually pull from different genres and different decades to start. Since my audience is so diverse, I like to make sure there is something for everyone. Along with the different genres, I also try to make sure the RPMs are varied and that I’m giving a good mix of flats, jogs, and hills. And with all that being said, I like to build my class like I’m creating a one-act musical. I start with a crowd-pleasing song, something that everyone knows and will get people fired up. I like to choose more introspective, moody songs halfway through class and then like to end with a big

-How does your background inspire your playlist or class?
April: I was a professional tap dancer and theatre major, so I have an appreciation for almost every decade of music and I hear it in a very performative way. I bang hip-hop and rap, but I also LOVE to find remixes of older songs that are fresh, current and wild.
Greta: Music is my life. I grew up surrounded by it and *shocker* used to be a singer! I was actually a professional actress at the age of 13 and studied musical theatre in college but fell in love with fitness before I graduated and decided that was what I wanted to pursue after school. I strongly believe all my musical education growing up has helped me every day at Flywheel.
Jared: Growing up as an only child, my musical taste was inspired by what my parents played in the house. My dad loved classic rock (ie Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Fleetwood Mac, etc) and my mom was a disco queen (Donna Summer, Gloria Gaynor, Earth, Wind, and Fire, etc). One of my first jobs in NYC was working at a famous music venue, Joes Pub, in downtown. The club was very genre blind and would have an R&B/Soul group one night and then a country music artist the next. So needless to say, my taste is pretty eclectic. I definitely have an appreciation for all types of music.

– How do you keep your playlist fresh and new?
April: Every week on the same day I scan my DJ sites to see what’s trending. I also go through the top songs of the week on the charts and promise myself to find at least one or two great new remixes of older (2000 or earlier) songs.
Greta: Like I said I am constantly listening to new music but I also love going to see DJs and steal a lot of my music from their sets. I like to think that whenever I go to a concert I’m doing field research haha. You can catch me making notes on my phone to scour the internet later and shazaming here and there but definitely dancing my little heart out too.
Jared:  I’m constantly on the lookout for new, fresh music. I follow various music blogs and DJs around the globe and am shamelessly using shazam wherever I am! I’m that idiot on the chair in a restaurant aiming my phone towards the speaker trying to capture the song. Anything for my music! I also take advantage of our in-house DJ, FlyDJ, which has awesome redrums and mashups each month.

-What’s your favorite genre to play during class?
April:  My taste is so eclectic it’s easier to say what you won’t hear. Two things you won’t find in my class: country music or really metallic and harsh EDM. Not my thing.
Greta: This is an easy one. I’ll give you a hint: I went to the biggest music festival in the world for this genre (Tomorrowland). Don’t you know yet? EDM. It’s my number one. Better believe my classes are like mini-festivals.
Jared: Although I am very eclectic, I’m a pop boy. Anything from the late 90s/early 2000s really gets me fired up (ie Backstreet Boys, Britney, Ricky Martin, JLo, etc). I was born in the mid-80s, so the 90s was my musical generation.

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