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Ilene Osherow: Breast Cancer Awareness

By October 22, 2019 October 23rd, 2019 No Comments

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness for the month of October, Flywheel will be sharing stories from members of our #FlyFam community relating to their experiences with Breast Cancer. 

Please stay tuned for more throughout the next few weeks, and thank you for reading!

“My name is Ilene Osherow. One year ago today  I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer, metasticized in my liver. My prognosis was dire. My protocol equally as bad. Inoperable. Chemotherapy indefinitely…

And a new treatment called immunotherapy that was approved days before my diagnosis. I was always a flywheel person, here in Tribeca (where I live) and East Hampton. I knew that I needed to stay strong so I tried to keep my daily routine… spinning 4 days a week.

My instructors: Natalie Ortiz , Rochelle Eldridge , Holly Rilinger, & Natalie Cohen. I have to mention Valentina & Antonio too. Each of these people inspired me (genuinely and open hearted).

From every text , shout out , hug and words of inspiration…. They kept me strong and focused.

I don’t really think I could’ve done it, and am doing it, without them. My gratitude to flywheel and most importantly, my instructors…. I’m just filled with gratitude.

Please make a generous donation to the Dubin breast center at Mt Sinai Hospital. They are saving my life.”

Thank you for listening,

Ilene Osherow