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“I Could Never Have Achieved This Much if I Hadn't Found Flywheel."

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Akemi Nakamura of Scarsdale, NY, shares her story. 

This is the first time that I’ve opened up about my weight loss journey. It’s been a long one. I am 5 feet 4 inches tall. In two and half years, I’ve lost nearly 100 pounds. Finding the right workout was the key to my weight loss success. My experience at Flywheel Scarsdale accelerated my fitness and as a result, I have transformed from 220 pounds and a size 16 to 116 pounds and a size 2 (sometimes a 0!). My journey is about so much more than weight loss. I am also  happy and healthy. Here is my story:

For years, my demanding job, coupled with my husband’s job abroad, negatively affected both my body and my mind. Living nearly one third of my life overseas, away from my close friends and family, I was faced with massive amounts of emotional stress. With that stress, came weight gain. On top of that, I had to undergo an emergency C-section thirteen years ago when I gave birth to my son. The recovery period was extremely slow and as a result, I overprotected my body and didn’t exercise.

My lack of physical activity during this time did more harm than good. Before I knew it, I found myself at an unhealthy 220 pounds. I continued at this weight until the summer of 2012, when I strained my back in such a way that I couldn’t move. To make matters worse, it happened the day before my family was set to leave for vacation. I decided to continue on with our plans and not cancel the trip, but watching my husband and son enjoying the beach in the beautiful Caribbean Sea and not being able to join them as I sat in a wheel chair was painful. I realized for the first time how cruel and careless I had been with my body.

Being overweight has the power to deteriorate one’s overall wellbeing and that’s exactly what my injury had told me. I was so regretful for how I had let myself go over the years and I strongly convinced myself that it was time to lose weight and become healthy. . I had to come to terms that it would take a long time, too. Considering my age, I wanted to establish a way of life that would in turn be a long-lasting healthy habit – not a quick fix. I knew that controlling what I ate would not be enough; I would have to work out as well. That being said, I hadn’t exercised at all in many years. I trembled at the thought of how hard it would be to achieve my weight loss goal, but I was relentless with my determination.

When we returned from our vacation, I made a commitment to go to the gym three days a week. It took me a year to gain the stamina to go to the gym every other day. By early 2014, I found that I was no longer getting as much out of my workouts as I originally had. I needed to take things up a notch! That’s when I found Flywheel.

One of my fellow gym friends suggested I try indoor cycling. I went and tried a few different boutique studios, however I was so touched by how caring Flywheel instructor Eve Bondareva was (endless thanks to you, Eve!) that I decided in that very moment to purchase a membership at the Scarsdale location. That was the day my life began to turn in a positive direction.

After five months of challenging myself at Flywheel, I eventually built up my stamina to take doubles. What I love most about Flywheel, is that you can track the success you’ve achieved overtime. The numbers were so motivating – I couldn’t believe that I was able to do back-to-back classes and constantly hit over 300 Power Points!

I can say with pride that ever since I’ve been a member at Flywheel, there has not been a single day where I felt reluctant to take class. I am constantly amazed at the quality of each class I take and the commitment of the instructors leading them. I owe a huge thank you to Ted Keener who encouraged me to try FlyBarre. Unlike the dark Flywheel stadium, the FlyBarre studio is bright and surrounded by mirrors. In a way, it’s intimidating to face the “real” you while working on yourself. To me, this is positive intimidation. You can set a goal each time you hit the mat – you have no choice but to acknowledge your reflection and make sure you’re following the instructor’s direction correctly.

A huge part of my physical transformation was made possible thanks to instructors Adam Wasserman and Victoria Frosini. They both gave me proper advice when I needed it and have been an inspiration to me ever since they became a part of my fitness routine. Their motivating classes, caring advice and friendly emotional support gave me the courage to keep striving towards my goal.

Not only did I find an amazing workout routine in Flywheel and FlyBarre, but I also cleaned up my diet. Throughout my weight loss challenge, I never followed a strict diet – but rather, my eating habits improved as my exercising increased. As I lost weight through exercise, it was almost as if my body naturally learned what type (and how much) food I should be eating.

Since I started FLYing, I’ve lost 40 pounds. I would have never been able to come this far if I hadn’t find Flywheel. Filled with so much appreciation and inspiration, I set a new fitness goal for 2015. I aim to continue taking classes at Flywheel Scarsdale, as well as try to take class with all of the NYC instructors before year’s end. It is the instructors who have made Flywheel the best of the best – and I can’t wait to meet them all! Thank you again, Flywheel!



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