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How to Stay Healthy on an Airplane

By December 24, 2016 May 16th, 2017 No Comments

A step-by-step guide on how exactly to stay healthy on an airplane from takeoff to landing.

By: Emily Burkhardt as featured on The Lo Down


Walk Around The Terminal

Because we’re usually told to arrive at least 45 minutes before our flight time, we spend a majority of it going through TSA and waiting to board. Instead of twiddling your thumbs and tapping your feet, take a walk around the terminal to get your blood flowing before sitting on your flight.

Put On You Compression Pants/Socks

In 2013, I developed a blood clot in my leg from a little too much traveling. For health reasons, I had to wear these uncomfortable compression socks that go all the way to my hips. I recently, however, discovered these yoga-like compression pants that are now my ultimate go-tos. Ask your doctor what type of compression gear you should be wearing because we all have different needs!

Dress In Layers

You never know what temperature it is going to be on the plane. You may either be sweating to death or ringing the call button non-stop for an extra blanket. Come prepared and layered for both situations. You’ll feel more comfortable bundling up in your own clothing! I usually wear a scarf to the airport because it can double as a great blanket. Plus, it’ll help ward off all head colds!

Pack A Snack

Flight food is usually filled with sodium. Because the dry air makes you dehydrated, there’s no reason add any more sodium on top of your pre-existing misery. Instead, bring snacks that are high in protein. It’ll help you feel full longer. I always pack RXBars with me where ever I go!


If you suffer from crazy motion sickness, this is the medication for you!

Pack A Water Bottle

The airplane’s dry air that will make you extremely dehydrated. Drink one bottle of water before boarding and at least another during your flight. Try to drink 8 oz. for every hour you are in the air. We usually drink when we think we are thirsty, but to be safe, prepare ahead and stay hydrated before it’s too late.


Use Sanitizer

Pack travel-sized anti-bacterial wipes to disinfect your seat, armrest and buckle before you sit down for your flight.

Get Out Of Your Seat

Get up and walk as much as possible, even if you don’t have to use the bathroom, to keep your blood flowing. I always try to select an aisle seat to avoid interrupting my neighbors. 

Stay Active In Your Seat

Bring your knees to your chest, pump your legs, shrug your shoulders, roll your neck, and shimmy. Just keep the blood flowing!

Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol

As I have and will mention a few times, the flight will make you dehydrated. Caffeine and alcohol will only add to your misery. Try your best to avoid it and drink water instead!

Drink Water

You know the drill: stay hydrated!


Drink As Much Water As Possible

What? More water? YES! Replenish your body!

Shower and Moisturize

Wash off the airplane air with a nice hot shower and load up on your moisturizer. 


Get your blood flowing right after a long flight. If a full on workout doesn’t work for your schedule, make sure to walk, take the stairs at the hotel, make time for quick 5 minutes of cardio sesh to get the blood flowing again.

Wishing you happy and healthy travels!