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Flywheel Hall of Change: How Flywheel Transformed Tameka Moss’ Life

By November 4, 2016 May 16th, 2017 No Comments

For Tameka Moss from Boston, fitness was never a community experience.

She would go to the gym, clock her time, and head out. As her career took off, her weight and overall health were put on the backburner and her gym time never left her inspired. Fast forward two years, and Flywheel is now an integral part of her daily life. She’s lost over 30 pounds and 10 inches, started a business, taken hold of her life, and has been named our fourth Hall of Change inductee! Through the support of Flywheel and her #FLYfam, Tameka learned that anything is possible.

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of being in class with Tameka, you’ve witnessed her love for the Flywheel Back Bay community. We’re thrilled to share her story, so read on!

What was your life like before Flywheel? 

My life was stressful. Fitness and health came second to professional pressures and family demands.  A few months before coming to Flywheel, I had started working out at the gym but quickly plateaued. As my career advanced so did my weight, stress level, and pressures of trying to be “perfect” in all aspects of my life.  In hindsight, I was very unhappy, exhausted all of the time, and very dissatisfied with how I looked and felt.

What made you take that first step into the studio?

It was a Groupon offer in the summer of 2014. I was still apprehensive, so I asked several friends who were active in the greater Boston fitness community, and one recommended that I take my first ride with Christina Lodde. I also visited the studio to ask a few questions.  Blu, the former Assistant Studio Manager, showed me around, let me sit on bike, and recommended I come early to ensure I had help with my bike settings. Then, I took my first class with CL Boogie (my now-nickname for Christina Lodde!) and the rest is history. I now take 4-6 wheel classes and 3-4 barre classes a week.

In what ways has Flywheel positively impacted your life?

Before Flywheel, I wasn’t physically confident. In just two years, I’ve lost 30 lbs. and over 10 inches. I now fit into clothes that I hadn’t been able to wear since my 20s! I have more energy, I crave veggies, I sleep better, and I’m happier.

 I’ve also progressed from having consistent negative thoughts to having an appreciation for how strong my body can be. I’m capable of so much more than I ever thought possible. I now embrace challenges, consciously combat negative thoughts, celebrate small wins, and I’m grateful for this body of mine!

Above all, it’s not just about being able to fit into a gorgeous, sleeveless, dress; it’s about being happy with myself without a drop of makeup on, pouring sweat after a double and knowing I pushed myself the entire time without sacrificing my form! 

What’s the biggest benefit or achievement that you’ve gotten from Flywheel?

If I had to choose just one, it would be the journey. I now have a deep appreciation for my body, and I’m capable of more than I ever knew. Flywheel is my space for renewal, challenge, release, and tapping back into the space where anything is possible. I’ve learned that from my instructors, challenge coaches and Flywheel community.

Tameka Moss_2

Speaking of community, tell us about your home studio and your FLYfam — what do they mean to you? 

From the instructors, to the studio manager, to the Facility Coordinators and the CCs, my entire Back Bay FLYfam is exceptional. The team is committed, hardworking, kind, funny, responsive, caring, and encouraging. I can come into the studio in a good or bad mood and I always leave feeling better than when I came in.  They keep me smiling and my muscles sore. For me, this Hall of Change honor is for and because of them.

What would you like to tell people who are thinking of trying Flywheel?

Just try it!  Don’t let fear or intimidation keep you away from that bike or mat. I promise, if you put in the effort you will get results. If I can do it, you can do it. It’ll all be worth it!

I’d also like to give a big thank you to my FLYfam who welcomed me without reservation, from day one. I am so grateful for all that they do. I’ve taken hundreds of classes and participated in multiple Challenges, and I’m still learning and growing due to their commitment and passion.

A letter from our previous Hall of Change winner, Alyssa Welsh:

Dear Tameka,

I could relate so much to your story as I read it. As a school psychologist at a high school, I find myself talking about self-care, positive self-talk, and healthy coping strategies with my students ALL THE TIME and reading your story just goes to show that these skills are ones that are vitally important across our lifespan. The most important step for you, and all of us, is to first acknowledge that we need to make a change and accept that the only thing we have complete control over in our crazy lives is how WE decide to react to the adversity thrown our way. You were so brave in accepting that fact and getting yourself into those doors for your first class in order to become the fabulous, strong, confident and “new and improved” you. You looked to your Fly Instructors for inspiration and now YOU are the inspiration for so many others who can relate with your story and find motivation in the warrior woman way you approach your health and your sense of self. 

Sending you a huge congrats and big hug all the way from the Pacific Northwest,